Mottled Java Created by TACEYPERKINS
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

I love this breed! This heritage breed is a wonderful addition to your barnyard flock. In my experience they are neither submissive or dominant. They are wonderfully curious which makes them fun to watch. My kids even pick them up. They are awesome at foraging, making food bills lower. As for a larger chicken, they make a great dual purpose bird. Delivering a steady amount of eggs and a great meat bird too. In my opinion they are a great all around bird. Very hardy and beautiful. A strong looking bird that is fun to be around. This breed is on the critical list, you can help them by adding some to your flock! Check out my website for more info on this wonderful breed!




Description / Information


10 mt​

This is Brewster. He is my main breeding roo. He is wonderful to his girls, and very observant.He has beautiful black feathers with a pretty green sheen. Big red comb and wattles and yellow tint to his legs and feet. He is a sweet heart & we love him!​


10 mt​

My hens are wonderful and sweet. They are a little shy but will allow you to still pick them up.One of my hens went broody for the first time and she still allowed me to pet her, pick her up and touch the eggs. They are very curious and instinctual.​


1 mth​

Both male and female 1 mth old chicks. As you can tell, you can see how they are starting to show which one is the roo. After a couple mths they molt out and completely loose all the white and replace it with their black mottled feathers.​



2 Java pullet eggs on left and 1 cochin pullet egg on right.​


2 day​

This chick is a strong wonderful specimen for a healthy 2 day old mottled Java chick!​