Tacey's BYC Home Page
Welcome everyone to my home page. I have a small 1 acre farm. We have a garden and my chickens. We are just starting with both. I have a chicken coop that is a work in progress, thanks to my lean wallet and craigslist. We try to buy everything discount or free! To recycle is a fabulous thing!

I have several different breeds right now. All are really young. Only one pullet is currently laying.I love them all and will be pleased as punch when they start producing. My kids love to help take care of them and enjoy just being able to pet them. They have become a wonderful part of our lives!~My Chickens

Javas~ Mottled*
Easter eggers*
Update~ 11/09 Our chickens have finally reached egg laying age. My Javas are laying almost every day.The EE's and the cochins should be laying soon too.

~ Yes we started it late, but I hope it will still produce alot. We have planted some pumpkins, watermelon, cucumber,peas, corn, tomatoes, artichoke, bell pepper, and a couple more I can't remember at this moment. It has been fun. And is starting to look great.We have a lemon tree that has small fruit on it. And an avocado tree out there too.We compost our household scraps and recycle when ever we can. We will add somethings here and there. It is also an on going project~ a true labor of love.OUR Garden
~ Our garden is slowing down now. We harvested a large load of pumpkins for Halloween, 2 crops of corn, a boat load of tomatoes, bell peppers,& zucchini.I haven't planted anything for the fall. I have just been too busy. So we will try to plan things out for spring and be ready to start that on time. Next year we should be having eggs coming out of our ears too. Which will be wonderful.UPDATE 11/09

I am trying to teach my children where food comes from and how to take care of the earth. This is a lesson alot of people can use from time to time. With how busy we get, and the day to day hustle and bustle, it is a great way to give back to our mother earth. The education of our young ones is an important job, and should be done whenever we can!

I hope to one day compose my property to a learning / teaching farm. Teaching of self sufficiency and environmentally friendly farming choices. The more we do on the home front the better our earth will be. If we take care of it, it will take care of us!
I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse into my life. It is not grand, but I can do grand things if I put my mind to it. If you have any questions please contact me. You can p.m. me or email me at [email protected] Thank you so much~ Tacey