Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Dual Purpose
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity:
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Brown

Breed Temperament:

Breed Colors / Varieties:
The Java can be found in black, white and mottled. Pictures courtesy of Chickndaddy.
Breed Details:
Black Javas has black legs with yellow soles of the feet whereas the White Java has yellow legs. It is interesting to note that the Java's single comb is a symbol of the purity of its bloodline. The comb should not have a point to far forward on the comb, it should be located above the eye. This point placement also indicates that the single combed bird came from a pea-comb origin. The are noted to have a rectangular shape like the Rhode Island Red with a very long broad back that slopes and deep breast. Hens can weigh 6 1/2 lbs - 7 1/2 lbs and the roosters can weigh over 9 lbs. **Pictures Pending**