Jenski's Suburban "Farm"

Welcome to my BYC page! I live in Middle Tennessee and raise bantam and standard size chickens in my suburban yard. I also grow vegetables and herbs, grapes and berries, and do anything else I can squeeze into my little plot of land.
I have been keeping chickens since 2007. I started with four hens, and I now keep anywhere from 12-40 depending on what I am hatching. I keep chickens for eggs and entertainment, and I have explored several rare breeds. I have raised Ameraucanas, Black Australorps, Black Copper Marans, bantam cochins, bantam sizzles/frizzles, Belgian booted and d'Uccle bantams, and bantam Ameraucanas, among others. I have found that with the space limitations of a suburban lot, bantam chicken breeds provide plenty of fun (and beautiful eggs) in a much smaller package. I highly recommend them for city/suburban dwellers, or families with small children.
My chickens have been a source of great pleasure and relaxation for me. While keeping chickens has its share of heartbreak, I would not trade this hobby for anything!
Here are a few of the birds whose company I have been privileged to enjoy over the years . . .


My first four standard (large fowl) hens - - Baby Mija and Sister Perla (gold duckwing colored Easter eggers), Bess (Barred Rock), and Dame Edna (Black Australorp).


Big Rosie, a Black Copper Marans cockerel, at 10 weeks.


Skye, a large fowl blue Ameraucana cockerel, at six weeks.


Remy, a bantam Ameraucana cockerel, at four months - - love that nice dark blue coloring!


Glitter, Shimmer, Dazzle and Sparkle, beautiful golden-neck Belgian d'Uccle pullets (bantam)


Flash, my friendly little golden-neck d'Uccle cockerel, at around 8 months of age


Elegant butterscotch booted bantam pullets Alice and Linne in their quarantine cage


Lemon blue bantam Cochin pullet, Miss Penny Pretty


Very manly red-shouldered splash EE bantam cockerel Rufio strutting across the yard.


Nosy little tufted/rumpless splash bantam Araucana, SchmooBelle.


Sweet little frizzle/sizzle bantam cochin chicks!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my suburban chicken keeping experiences, coops and runs, hatching chicks, or bantam breeds. Thanks for visiting!