John Hartmans Chicken Coop

By John Hartman · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. John Hartman
    The Plans
    as complete modular panels. I wanted to be able to walk in.While I was waiting for the chicks I went on the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour (this was great fun), I noticed everybody had more than one coop, I took this to mean that I should build as big as practically possible right off the bat.Two months between ordering my chicks and their arrival meant I had plenty of time to plan the coop. I rent my house so I need to be able to move it someday, therefore the walls are designed And of course it needed to look good. after a bit of brainstorming and lots of sketches on napkins and envelopes this is what I came up with: 7' 5" wide and high, 12' long, with the house elevated above the run. This should be plenty big enough for 7-8 chickens with room for growth.

    I like Sketchup, using it to make the final draft of my plans really helped me get exactly what I wanted, it also made it easier to spot and problems that might come up in constuction.

    I built the wall panels one at a time outside the workshop.

    Test-fitting everything before fitting the clading and chicken wire.

    The Experiment
    I read about Architect Terunobu Fujimori siding some of his projects in charred ceder, a 15th century Japanese technique that seals against insects and rot but is nearly forgotten.
    I was intrigued, after an afternoon of experiment with scraps I had a method that yielded results I really liked.




    Almost Finished
    After attaching the charred ceder, laying the foundation and rebuilding the coop on it's permanent site I had something that was starting to look pretty good.

    The Details
    This keeps the door from slaming on chicken toes
    Secret access to the nests.

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    "Charred wood exterior"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    The article has plans and good instructions for charring the exterior boards
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    "Very interesting! Would love more details."
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  1. Molly Sunshine
    I love your design! Just wondering if it would work in southern Illinois it gets kinda cold...
  2. squeakyballs
    This coop is AMAZING!
  3. crashlucky13
    excellent design! the charred wood gives me tons of inspiration!
  4. weluvchickens
    wow, someone is very rude.... I think it looks awesome, good job!
  5. Earthologie
  6. RawrOsaur200
    Would it still work to keep insects away if it is spray painted over?
  7. RawrOsaur200
    I like this coop design.Deffinetly going to try the burned wood!Good idea! :)
  8. Bananikaa
    I think you were very smart into looking into the issue of mold growing. Burning the wood was a very good idea.
  9. davidcharneski
    Hello John, I wanted to share with you my coop. Based on your design. Thank You for all your help. I love your design. Check my pics out :)

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