Josh & Tiff's Chicken Coop
I decided to make it taller so that it would be easier to clean. The only downsides are that at this taller height, it doesn't provide as much shade as a lower version would and the ladder for the chickens is much steeper. The neighborhood kids like it though as they can go into the cage to play with the chicks.



Also I wish the hens entrance and the double doors to the upstairs were on the same side to make for a better area to mount the perch. Currently it runs over the double doors and the hens entrance... I ended up with 5 hens and the downstairs is 4x7 the upstairs is 4x4. This is probably enough room but I am thinking about adding a simple 4x7 open cage on the back of the downstairs which should double the floor space...

Good luck!

Josh & Tiff