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My name is Joy. BWKatz stands for the 2 black and white cats that adopted us. One is a male Siamese(Maximillian-Max for short) and the other a female long hair tuxedo(Itsey -Bitsey for the spider that bit her causing her to come to us for help. We call her Bitsey.) My husband and I have been married for 40 years. Although we have travelled all over, we keep coming back to South Carolina and have lived here for many years. We are freespirited old hippees trying to get back to nature and being as self sufficient as possible. We have a well, a septic tank, a generator and hope to have solar energy by the end of the year. We want to be totally off the grid. He's a disabled marine and I'm a disabled RN, so we're both used to running things our way. Most of the time we agree, sometimes we agree to disagree. We believe in preserving the earth and our individual freedoms, and treating others like we want to be treated. We believe in Jesus and raised our son that way. Most of the time we live and let live. Look forward to comuning with you online.
House of Joy

After orders & reorders, I finally got my chicks on June 8th. I was ready with my homemade brooder...a big cardboard box. I had watched Martha Stewart open up her chicks on TV so I knew the very basics and had also been reading up everywhere online. I got my chicks from MPC and was very pleased at the service. I had ordered feed and vaccinations also, so I knew I was starting them out right. I got them out and under their light ( made sure it was red) and let them get settled. After getting lids for their water and feed, I had fun dipping their little beaks in both. For the first week I used the straw that came with them in their box. After that, I used medical supply blue pads. At the end of four weeks I went in their room and there sat Thelma on the top edge of their box. So I got a BIG box and part of a shoe stand to hold the lamp. I also graduated them to a regular feeder and waterer at this time. I used a big plastic ice cream tub and cut 1" holes around the bottom edge. After gluing a frisby to the bottom. I attached a plant hanger and Voila! a feeder. I had bought a water ring , so I just used my own mason jar for the waterer. Of course they continued to make a mess with the water so I quickly started looking for something else. I ordered the Avian Aqua Watermiser nipple and converted a five gallon bucket from Lowe's with a lid and a plant hanger. Of course my husband insisted on the best for our little chickies and got one with the USC Gamecock logo on it. It works great.


House of Joy

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