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Just A Few Pics Of Some Of My Birds

By CayugaLover · Oct 23, 2012 · ·
  1. CayugaLover
    the ducks:
    Midnight, one of my Cayuga duck (please excuse the mud on her beak [​IMG]she is a duck... ignore the Chicken Coop she's standing in the doorway of, it's still under construction in that pic.
    both my Cayuga girls...oh, and the random hand? that would be mine[​IMG]

    My Rouen drake (he's in his summer molt in this pix) and he has mud on his beak, too... if i remember correctly it had rained the night before this pic was taken, so naturally the ducks turned everything into mud.

    this would be my Muscovy male, he's really friendly.

    my Muscovy female, bathing in the duck's little bathing trough... she's still pretty young in this picture
    i think she is the last of the duck pix... i'll update when i have pics of the rest of my ducks.

    the chickens:

    this is my Cornish Bantam (i think). he came from a mixed batch of bantam chicks, and originally i thought he was a hen... until the morning he started crowing...

    my Banty Cochin, i originally thought she was a roo, but now she's too old, if she was a roo she would have started crowing already.
    2 of my 7 WL :)
    one of my RIR pullets
    and two more RIR pullets
    one of my WL/RIR mixes... this one's really old, forgive her scruffy appearence.

    i will post more pics soon!

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  1. sophiesmith
    I love your ducks.

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