Just a stroll through the yard . . .

By RodNTN · Nov 15, 2016 · Updated Nov 15, 2016 · ·
  1. RodNTN
    I thought I would show you all the few pics I got from taking my camera and going out for a stroll through the yard.

    Bibby my Black Australorp pullet on a beautiful sunny morning.
    Queen my Easter Egger hen.
    Fanny my Barred Plymouth Rock hen.
    Princess my Black sex link pullet.
    Pickle my Buff Silke Bantam hen.
    (Left to right) Lou, Jewel, and Fanny.
    Pickle my Buff Silkie Bantam hen, again.
    Some of my flock sunbathing on a cold fall morning.
    Bibby and some other flock members.
    Bibby again.

    I hope you all enjoy these pictures of my flock!

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  1. Shadrach
    "Chickens living real lives."
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 20, 2018
    There is something about pictures of free range chickens taken in their living environment that ticks all the boxes for me. Some of these pictures have all the right ingredients imo.
    I know there are loads of pics in the media section but I don’t tend to wade through them. Lots seem to be of rugrats and imo a baby chick beats a hairless baby for looks every time.


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  1. CherriesBrood
    Love your flock! Great pictures.
  2. mustangrooster
    Beautiful flock and pictures!
  3. RodNTN
  4. chickenneighbor
    Beautiful flock!
  5. Chicken Girl1
    Lovely pictures!
  6. Fluffers
    nice! Fanny and Bibby are cute :)
  7. RodNTN
    Your welcome!
  8. N F C
    Thanks for sharing your stroll this morning!

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