I have never made a page of my entire flock, so here they are! The whole kit and kaboodle!:

Dumpling (Light Brahma): Bossy, loud, controlling, she ALWAYS has to have her way, and friendly.

Thumper (Light Brahma): Curious, sometimes sweet, quite, can be bossy, and docile.

Muffin (Easter Egger): Sweet, docile, kind, submissive, friendly, and quite.

Bunny (Easter Egger): Independent and curious.

Queen (Easter Egger): Skittish, curious, and sometimes friendly.

Penny (Rhode Island Red): Very curious and very loud.

Fanny (Barred Plymouth Rock): Curious, friendly, quite, and sweet.

Lou (Black sex link): Bossy, manly (just joking, she has very long spurs, roosterish feathers, and has a very deep "voice") and she is highest in the pecking order.

Jewel (Black sex link): Jewel is Lou’s sister and so much nicer than Lou, she can be bossy but is usually nice.

Luigi (Old English Game Bantam): A gentlemen, sweet, and (sometimes) loud.

Pickle (Buff Silkie Bantam): Demanding, sometimes bossy, can be a sweetheart.

Louise (Black sex link): Skittish, nervous, flighty, and curious.

Lucy (Red sex link): Curious, loud, adventurous, and independent.

Sunshine (Red sex link): Quite, nice, and sweet (she never goes anywhere without her sister Lucy.)

Abibia “Bibby” (Black Australorp): Very curious, a lapdog, sweet, docile, friendly, and sometimes bossy and independent.

Princess (Black sex link): Bossy, spunky, sometimes skittish, and can be mean.

Piglet (Production red): Sweet, loud and friendly.

e.lf. (Production red, I named her after the makeup brand): Friendly and VERY loud when she doesn’t get the nesting box she wants.

Elephant (New Hampshire Red): Very sweet, a lapdog, and very friendly and sometimes lazy.

Ginger (Easter Egger): Kind, sweet, submissive, and quite.

Dolores: (White Leghorn): Adventurous, very friendly and curious, and very docile.

Agnes (White Leghorn): Sweet, quite (when she has the nesting box she wants!), and calm.

Betty (White Leghorn): Very adventurous, very curious, very friendly, and sometimes very loud.

Snow White (White Leghorn): Sometimes bossy, friendly, and can be skittish.

Snowball (White Leghorn): Extremely friendly, very calm, a lapdog, and sweet and quite.
Poppins (White Leghorn): Quite and curious.

Mary Poppins (White Leghorn): Quite and curious.

Becky (White Leghorn): Calm, sweet, nice, and sometimes noisy.

Audrey (White Leghorn): Curious, skittish, and quite.

I hope you all enjoy these pictures!