What a flock!

By RodNTN · Sep 12, 2016 · Updated Mar 18, 2017 · ·
  1. RodNTN
    I have never made a page of my entire flock, so here they are! The whole kit and kaboodle!:

    Dumpling (Light Brahma): Bossy, loud, controlling, she ALWAYS has to have her way, and friendly.
    Thumper (Light Brahma): Curious, sometimes sweet, quite, can be bossy, and docile.
    Muffin (Easter Egger): Sweet, docile, kind, submissive, friendly, and quite.
    Bunny (Easter Egger): Independent and curious.
    Queen (Easter Egger): Skittish, curious, and sometimes friendly.
    Penny (Rhode Island Red): Very curious and very loud.
    Fanny (Barred Plymouth Rock): Curious, friendly, quite, and sweet.
    Lou (Black sex link): Bossy, manly (just joking, she has very long spurs, roosterish feathers, and has a very deep "voice") and she is highest in the pecking order.
    Jewel (Black sex link): Jewel is Lou’s sister and so much nicer than Lou, she can be bossy but is usually nice.
    Luigi (Old English Game Bantam): A gentlemen, sweet, and (sometimes) loud.
    Pickle (Buff Silkie Bantam): Demanding, sometimes bossy, can be a sweetheart.
    Louise (Black sex link): Skittish, nervous, flighty, and curious.
    Lucy (Red sex link): Curious, loud, adventurous, and independent.
    Sunshine (Red sex link): Quite, nice, and sweet (she never goes anywhere without her sister Lucy.)
    Abibia “Bibby” (Black Australorp): Very curious, a lapdog, sweet, docile, friendly, and sometimes bossy and independent.
    Princess (Black sex link): Bossy, spunky, sometimes skittish, and can be mean.
    Piglet (Production red): Sweet, loud and friendly.
    e.lf. (Production red, I named her after the makeup brand): Friendly and VERY loud when she doesn’t get the nesting box she wants.
    Elephant (New Hampshire Red): Very sweet, a lapdog, and very friendly and sometimes lazy.
    Ginger (Easter Egger): Kind, sweet, submissive, and quite.
    Dolores: (White Leghorn): Adventurous, very friendly and curious, and very docile.
    Agnes (White Leghorn): Sweet, quite (when she has the nesting box she wants!), and calm.
    Betty (White Leghorn): Very adventurous, very curious, very friendly, and sometimes very loud.
    Snow White (White Leghorn): Sometimes bossy, friendly, and can be skittish.
    Snowball (White Leghorn): Extremely friendly, very calm, a lapdog, and sweet and quite.
    Poppins (White Leghorn): Quite and curious.
    Mary Poppins (White Leghorn): Quite and curious.
    Becky (White Leghorn): Calm, sweet, nice, and sometimes noisy.
    Audrey (White Leghorn): Curious, skittish, and quite.

    I hope you all enjoy these pictures!

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  1. Noellereagan
    "I love the way you addressed flock introduction!"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 17, 2019
    Five stars! I have never seen this down so creatively. And your photos are great! Like really great! Could be in a magazine. Have you ever entered them in any contests? The one of the leghorn kind of in the shadows is so cool! Gave me goosebumps.
    You sure have a beautiful flock. I love how you know each of them so well. Touched my heart. I can tell they’re cared for and loved. Lucky birds.
    Your little silkie roo is adorable. I love his ear lobes. He looks like a character for sure.
    I have a Snow White too. A rescue turkey from thanksgiving 2018. She’s a love. She just needs a Prince Charming now.
    Thanks for sharing. I may use your idea to introduce my flock one day if I get ambitious! Very cool and kept my attention all the way to the end. The way you did it almost makes you feel like the reader for to meet your birds. Good job!
    RodNTN likes this.


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  1. Shadrach
    You take some good pictures.
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  2. melearningasigo
    Love the pictures! My favorite one is the picture of Pickle right above your description.
  3. CCUK
    Thats quite some flock! You have some lovely hens. I especially like your black sex links and the light brahmas. We share the same names for some hens also. Snowball, Lucy, Betty and pickle!
  4. flappychicken
    thats cool!!
  5. RodNTN
    Oh, really? That's nice!
  6. ChattyChickens4Life
    I have an EE named Muffin too!
  7. RodNTN
    Yeah, I'll have to add some more pictures soon!
      blackdust951 likes this.
  8. sassysarah
  9. RodNTN
    Thank you! I actually have more now :p
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  10. sassysarah
    Love em!
      blackdust951 likes this.
  11. sassysarah
    Beautiful birds!!!
      blackdust951 likes this.
  12. Flock Master64
  13. Flock Master64
  14. Flock Master64
    They're all GREAT!
      blackdust951 likes this.
  15. RodNTN
    Your telling me!! :D
  16. oldhenlikesdogs
    What a great flock, i especially like your scary buff silkie, they are little monsters when broody.
  17. Ballerina Bird
    Amazing close ups!
  18. Whittni
  19. RodNTN
  20. JaeG
    Very belated congratulations on POW (I don't go to the homepage much)!
  21. RodNTN
    Me too Fluffers! :D Thanks AustralorpsAU!
  22. AustralorpsAU
    You are a great photographer!
  23. Fluffers
    ok that's what i thought :D i feel bad when i get someones chickens mixed up :)
  24. RodNTN
    Thanks everyone! mc79, I just googled Rod Stewart and Pickle does look like him! melishkia, I have always thought that about Lou!
  25. melishkia
    Lou is like the person you meet with the unisex name and you can't tell if they are a man or a woman, LOL!
  26. Yorkshire Coop
    Lovely page and pics! Very nice birds :)
  27. chicken4prez
    Amazing flock! You have 3 of the names that I have in my flock:) ;) They are so beautiful!
  28. mc79
    "Pickle" the Buff Silkie looks like Rod Stewart morphed into a chicken...lol. Great pics! Love the HD close-ups!
  29. CenLaChicken
    Very nice flock! I hope to post some pics of my 6 hens and 1 rooster before long. Enjoyed looking at yours!
  30. Wyorp Rock
    Great pics!
  31. RodNTN
    Thanks everybody!!! I know henny1129, Lou is very roosterish. :)
  32. HopieGirl4Ever
    Very nice pics and congrats!
  33. Trish1974
    Great pics!
  34. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  35. henny1129
    What a beautiful flock! Lou looks so much like a rooster, she's the most rooster looking hen I've ever seen! I had fun reading the descriptions and pics, thanks so much for sharing!
  36. RodNTN
    Yes Fluffers, Lucy is ALWAYS photobombing! :D
  37. Chickensfan
    wow! beautiful chickens!
  38. Fluffers
    the 6th picture from the bottom is so cute!is it Lucy photobombing?
  39. hashworld
    Beautiful pics of wonderful chickens..they are lucky to have you as well :)
  40. TwoCrows
    Absolutely stunning flock!! :)
  41. RodNTN
    Thanks @JaeG, yeah we have a LOT of trees on our property. My chickens love it, but it kind of hard to keep them going way back in the woods. I have to go out every evening and keep them from going so far back in the woods that I can't hear or see them. They love it though! :)
  42. JaeG
    They are all so gorgeous and your backyard looks like chicken heaven. You're so lucky to have all those lovely, shady trees. I love the one of Muffin peeking out from behind the tree trunk. So cute!
  43. RodNTN
  44. chickenneighbor
    Beautiful flock, and really nice photographs! Thanks for sharing!

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