[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Man it's another hot one.
Discovered from the good folks here on BYC
that I need upper ventilation
in addition to the ground level doors.
So that was my morning project.
Went to Home Depot
(ultra conveniently located 2 miles down the road)
and got the vent covers.
Got the front one installed easily,
it's my belief that with the proper tools
there is almost nothing a girl can't do.

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]But I do wish I had a better jigsaw,
I'll put one on my wish list in my letter to Santa.
When I went around to do the back one,
I saw that the door had fallen and closed the girls
out of their house.
I suspect one of them hopped up on it
and it gave way under the weight.
As I was fixing it
I heard roomie Sondra's words
when I got home from work yesterday
"No eggs today..."
my reply was "Those slackers!!"
I had gone out and checked on them, but didn't go around to the back,
so I didn't see the door closed.
Then I glanced around and spied one of
Dorothy's small green eggs by the big tub of flowers.
I felt guilty for calling them slackers.
It was my fault for not securing that door well enough.
But I think I've got it now,
and they have some extra ventilation.
And Pearl is currently sitting on the nest,
working on a little gift for me.