[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]The HENchanted Forest

I live in the small town south of Fort Worth Texas
that I grew up in, what they call a
"bedroom community"
I'm surrounded by "Yard-of-the-Month" type
folks who probably aren't too thrilled with my wild yard.
It's not trashy wild, I just let nature take its course in it.
Squirrels have planted pecan trees and birds cause other
flora to pop up.
It's a large corner lot so I probably get away with more than
other folks right next to one another.
I just got to looking at the huge dog house out back and thought
"there has got to be a good use for that!!"
[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]So I went to work turning it into a hen house.
It's been just me and my dogs for a while,
then I rented a room out to a friend,
she brought cockatiels with her,
so we have
dogs, cockatiels and now chickens.
I just got three because of space and I don't want to ask
for trouble from neighbors.
I wanted the rustic look, but decided it was more of a dilapidated look,
so I am sprucing it up a bit so it looks a little better
to passersby.

[FONT=book antiqua,palatino]I planted my first 'real' garden this year
and the abundance of rain has made it
a very positive experience!!
That, in turn, prompted me to order a pressure canner,
so I will be trying my hand at that very soon!!
I work in a bookstore,
which I absolutely love,
but the strain of dealing with the public
makes me appreciate and enjoy
my HENchanted Forest
that much more.