My dad and I have raised Mallards and released them on his pond for as long as I can remember.
Well 2 years ago he ordered 100 Ringneck Pheasants.. Well we still have 2 of the pheasants which I have been successful in breeding and raising 2 in 2009 and 3 in 2010.
In 2009 my dad ordered 100 quail, I got countless turkeys and we found 3 Mandarins at Dog Days Flea Market, while searching for Turkeys.. most of the quail escaped but I was able to get another 15 or so from the Riley, MS Flea Market and in 2010 we successfully hatched over 40+ quail and a handful of Blue Slate Turkeys. We are still having problems with our Turkeys but are going to stick with it. We are breeding the turkeys to strictly eat and if things go well sale a few here and there.... So any advice on them would be great! I think we have it figured out though from looking around on this site!
As for the Ducks.. Let's just say we quickly out grew are old Duck "mallard" pen. It was originally build to house the mallards only long enough for them to get their feathers before they were moved to our pond. So this Pen was never built to have birds in it year round. So in August 2010 we started construction on what would become the new home of these wonderful little birds!
Along the way we have acquired about 80-100 (can't keep count of all of them) Silkies and Cochins that will be used solely to sit on the Turkey and duck eggs next year.
Check out my different pages here.. I have a website coming soon... Well by next breeding season!
Wild Candians Flying in for Dinner


We believe that these was a large group of Blue Wing Teal that flew in. They wouldn't let us get that close but here is what I could capture from my camera

Part of the Gang Last Year