Kat's Silly Chickens

We decided to get chickens after Mom saw a white chicken with fluff on it's head on TV. That was August 30th 2010, and 2 weeks later we picked up 6 chicks from Ideal Poultry. 2 Sultans, 2 Partridge Cochins, 2 Barred Rocks. The smallest Sultan passed 4 days later, and I felt bad, so for 3 weeks I worked on convincing Dad to let us get Mom another Sultan. He finally agreed so we looked at the online order again and picked out not only 1 Bantam Sultan, but also a Blue Silkie, a Ginger/Red Silkie, and a Buff Silkie. Our Blue Silkie and our Ginger Red Silkie both turned out to be Roosters and I found them a nice home to go to with many Silkie hens.
After we got home we found we had the Sultan, the Blue Silkie, a Buff/Red Silkie, and some Unknown Bantam. :hit She Turned out to be a Black-Tail Japanese Bantam.Buff
We knew we had to keep the unknown 1, but emailed and called Ideal about their mistake anyways. So that is my story of how we came to raise chickens.

Our converted coop and run is still a work in progress...
My Jack Russell checking out the chicken run Inside coop from door

inside the coop Added another section on the run

Front view of Run Addition Side view of Run Addition

I will be adding Winter hardy Texas native plants throughout the Summer...
Chickens checking out the run

Elwen and Delwyn are my Plymouth Rock Chicks (pullets)

Our eggs layers

they are 7 months 1 week old now and love attention, especially a back scratch...:D
I also had a Silkie named Cinnabar my inside pet is now 9 wks old

can't forget Cinnabar's Fluffy Butt

Cinnabar I'm going to really miss you...:hit

Melody is Mom's 7 months 1 w/o Sultan, and she is so lovable. She also has Sunshine a 4 w/o Bantam? Sultan ROOSTER

Sunshine is 6 months old He got his baby crow at 9 wks, but it sount more like someone stepped on a squeeky toy...:D

Blaze a Blue Silkie at 4 wks old and at 9 wks old Rooster :D . Mom's inside pets

is in a petting zoo now.Blaze
Bar-b and Que are my Dad's 7 month 1 w/o Partridge Cochins

Our other eggs layers

Bar-b is our broody raising 2 Silkie chicks at the moment.
And Goldie 6 month old Black Tail Buff Japanese Bantam and her at 9 wks old she's becoming so beautiful :D - dad's inside pet
Goldie passed away 07/17/11, we think the 100+ temps got to her

The cage for the 3 not so Winter Hardy chicks a 7'L X 3'W X 4'H design I built myself. Going to destruct the inside pen for materials for the outside coop. Dad is building a 4'L X 3'W X 30"H insulated coop for the Sultans and Japanese Bantams. It will be set up beside the house so the Sultan Roo won't be heard so easily.
We had to put the inside chickens outside in a 3' X 4' coop with a 3' X 11' run.

Our Sugar Gliders Supio, Ailin, and Airrianna

Bar-b went broody and on 3/27/11 I put 12 fertile eggs under her to help a friend of mine hatch some of her Silkie and Mille Fleur D'uccle eggs. We're hoping for hens so we can keep at least 2 Silkie and 2 Mille Fleur D'uccle.
Got 1 hatchling on 3/28/11 a Silkie that is a Partridge color.
Got 1 hatchling on 3/29/11 a Silkie that is a color. Blanc passed away, we think a rat snake may be the blame.White

Patiently waiting for more eggs to hatch.
I just got into the Incubator Craze, I keep eggs in the bator, some for me and some for Mallary. (Silkies, Mille Fleur, RIR, Sultan/Jap Bantam, Copper Marans, and Ameraucana)...:D
I have 9 Sultan/Jap Bantam in the coop, waiting for the last 3 to hatch... After that Our new breed ends.
Japanese Sultan chickJapanese Sultan Hen -------------------

Japanese sultan Rooster

So far 4 Mille Fleur D'Uccle hens out with Bar-b, they are doing well.
Blackberry 1st Mille Fleur D'Uccle 04/06/11-------- Lemon 2nd Mille Fleur D'Uccle 04/09/11
Also Blueberry 3rd Mille Fleur D'Uccle, and Lime 4th Mille Fleur D'Uccle all hens I'm keeping.
My Granddaughter Emily named them, she said they were fruity.


I'm hatching some Copper Marams and Ameraucanas to get some more LF for eggs.
I'll have 2 BR, 2 Cochin, 2 Maran, 2 Ameraucana, 4 Mille Fleur, 3 Japanese Sultan, 3 Silkie all hens, and 1 Japanese Sultan Roo.
Mom wants to keep 1 of Goldies roos to try and keep the breed going. :p to the next-door neighbor that doesn't like roos.
My chicken math is way off...:idunnoI'm going to keep adding eggs from Mallary's flock to help her get more chickens hatched...

I think I am hooked on Chickens... :lau