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  1. kraftyladies
    Page updated 9/11/13 ** In the process of still fulfilling swaps, if you have not been contacted by me or think you are forgotten (it is possible) send me a PM** I am not on here very much, but will get your message. :eek:)

    My swaps:

    Disclaimer: If for any reason I am not able to fulfill my swap obligation of a breed that was promised to you, I will either substitute with a breed of your choice that is available, or will offer you $15. Paypal.

    I owe:

    WYGS- NA


    ray-n-debi 6+ Lemon cuckoo orps, and ENG orp asst in spring

    chickenstalker- gold laced orps on spring (fall)

    birdnbeast- eggs in spring(eng orp, ccl, sfh, tolbunt asst if needed), SFH x2

    online crazy egg chain-

    Side swap

    DMRippy- choc orps x2 (one from HEPS), jub orps (sent choc orps, jub not quite laying yet)

    owed to me:


    6+ polish and 6 silkies,from crazypetlady (fall)

    Side swap-

    Hatching egg/ paypal swap

    crazypetlady- tolbunt eggs in Spring, double swap Russian Orloff,6 eggs for nyd hatch, ccl in fall, bbs orps, english orps, mix of rhodebars, CCl, NJ in spring, white bresse

    srpaint- sebbie eggs- spring (x2) sebbies sent , guineas in spring changed to call ducks (not sent)

    winklerfarms- ccl in spring

    funnmomm- silver laced polish in spring

    wayne813- mix of SFH, mottled houdans, silkies

    wayne813- SFH in spring, blue isbars in spring

    Overoberyl- Lemon cuckoo orps in spring (#2901)

    Online Crazy egg chain

    Wayne813- Blue Isbars in springx 1, tolbunts x 1, and jubilee orps x1 , sulmtalers x 1

    Overoberyl- 16 pp (#7116)

    crfarm- blue guineas in spring changed to lav orps

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  1. mzstre
    My goodness, you have so much on your page! Oh..and I went to your website. BEAUTIFUL bears!!! :)
  2. Daloorashens
    wow, that is an awesome swap page!
  3. kraftyladies
  4. dmccann
    Oh my u r crafty,your dolls r cute and i am not even a doll person!

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