Paypal Egg Swap New Years Eve Name The Puppies Contest

By kraftyladies · Dec 16, 2012 · Updated Jan 1, 2013 · ·
  1. kraftyladies
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    Name the puppies contest

    Okay everyone, here's another contest for our NYE Party!!
    As most of you know, I have a few cute puppies here at my farm. Well, I get to keep 2 of them! Yep, a boy and a girl. Everyone has a chance to help me name these puppies. Whoever comes up with the cutest name(s), and I decide to use them to name my puppies, you will be the winner. The winner(s) will win a dozen surprise hatching eggs from my chickens (of my choice) for Spring.

    So come on everyone, put your thinking caps in, and let's see some names!

    Please send me (kraftyladies) a PM with your suggestions!

    The contest ends at 8pm, EST, on December 30, 2012.

    The winner(s) will be announced on December 31st at 11pm, EST.

    This contest open to swappers of the Paypal Hatching Eggs swap only.

    There are 2 winners!!! WVstruttin for the name Sampson, and Herducks for the name Skye!! They each won a dozen eggs for Spring!!

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  1. BHep
    Rocky and Snickerdoodle
  2. corancher
    I like Akeya and Bisbee
  3. AyeUpChuck
    oh I like that Karen Cinder and Ash
  4. AyeUpChuck
    Okay SUPER cheesy but Cotton and Elle
  5. madamwlf
    Alice and Hatter - Can you tell I love Alice in Wonderland?
  6. SewChaos
    Benny and Joon (my favorite movie of all time)
  7. CelticOaksFarm
    The seventh brightest star in the sky, Rigel's name is from the Arabic for foot, indicating its place in the constellation Orion. It is a blue supergiant and part of a 4 star system.
  8. CelticOaksFarm
  9. CelticOaksFarm
    The sixth brightest star in the sky, Capella's name is from the Latin for little she-goat. Capella is a yellow giant star, like our own sun, but much larger.
  10. CelticOaksFarm
  11. 202roosterlane
    Daisy Lou and John Boy
  12. 202roosterlane
    Annabelle and Giovanni
    butterball and jeanie-0
  14. Tammy N
    I just got my Turkey eggs in wrapped tight buit 9 cracked and broke and some still a little dirty , can i scratch the dirt off them and incubate them they came in Cold so i am letting them get room temp 24 eggs 9 broke i call that beginners luck LOL
  15. CluckyCharms
    I'm a swapper but I'm not cleared all 7 I'm not allowed to participate. But...I still wanted to throw out 2 names because it's been stuck in my head since you posted their picture, lol!
    Jesse James & Calamity Jane
  16. chickmonk18
    How about Minnie and Mickey?
  17. birdnbeast
    that's just too easy, "Cinder" as in "send Her" here! =:~)
  18. Tammy N
    The best dogs I ever had where
    My sheltie My heart still breaks for him " Partner"
    and My Poodle who scratched my back breeder wanted to kill him he was Chocolate " CHIPPER"
    For Girls Bootsy and Sissy < Partners sister>
  19. Smithyard Farm
    Buddy and Holly :) so cute!!!
  20. chickenbelle
    Okay, I'm going with Gueneviere and Lancelot...since literary wise, Lancelot was King Arthur's right hand man and Gueneviere was King Arthur's betrothed until Lancelot fell for her...enough to be romantic and juicy...LOL
  21. tazcat70
    They are so cute!!!
  22. kraftyladies
    These are Golden retrievers. One boy and one girl. If I choose a name from one person and one from another, each will get a dozen eggs. :)
  23. caj1985
    How about Jane and Michael Banks from Mary Poppins? They are both cute blondes.
  24. crfarm
    I vote
    Holly and Kringle!!! or Kris
  25. Hollowoakfarm
    Hmmmmm...What if you choose one name from one person and the second name from someone else?
  26. Hollowoakfarm
    I offer "Epic" and "Noble" for names.
  27. Tammy N
    What Breed ? Also How many
    Benny and June Dan and Ann Marco and Paula
  28. Daloorashens
    ahhhhhh!!!! I want one too!!!

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