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Kristins Chickens Betty

  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Well, the title is supposed to be 'Kristin's Chickens: Betty'. Not sure why it removed the punctuation, but I guess that's that.


    Betty joined my flock way back in May of 2011, in an order of Barred Rocks and 'Americanas' from a local hatchery. Though she had several Easter-egger siblings, she always stood out with her big, fluffy beard and her outgoing personality!


    From early on, I knew Betty was something special. Though the other Easter-eggers were fairly shy, she was always very friendly and snuggleable! She was also very energetic--and hard to get good pictures of as a result!


    If at all possible, her beard only got more and more glorious as she grew, earning her the nickname, Betty Beard!


    Betty likes to move and she's always on the go! She has earned a reputation for teleporting--one moment she'll be out in the woods, and the next thing you know, she's up in the coop!


    She does things her own way, certainly! (Yup, she's standing up on the roof of my feed shed.)


    Take for example her first egg. One evening in December, 2011, I found Betty jammed sideways behind the old nest boxes, clearly stuck and unable to free herself. Because of how the nests were then, I had to move the entire structure in order to get the poor gal out! I had no idea how long she was stuck there, so I checked her over, helped her get a bit to drink, and then let her go to roost. When I started to move the nests back into place, I noticed what had caused the whole event--Betty had laid her first egg while stuck on her side like that!

    Since then, fortunately, she has laid her pretty turquoise eggs in a much more practical spot--the nests--but sometimes she dawdles before she gets there. Just this year, my mom and I were noticing that Betty wasn't quite herself one morning. After a few minutes of observing her, I went into the chicken yard to check her over and could find nothing wrong. Mom and I were speculating what we could do to help her when suddenly, she made a run for the coop! I followed her inside, just in time to see her jump into one of the nests (on top of another hen, no less!) and lay an egg, just in time! Yep, she definitely has her own way.

    Here is one of her eggs:


    Betty is such a laid back hen that I can pick her up and hug on her, and when I put her back down, she goes right on with her business like nothing happened. She's so calm that even my young niece and nephew can handle her with no problems! She's definitely a hen that's hard not to like!


    She has a sort of raspy cluck that sounds to me like ‘dook-dook-dook’. She’s always willing to talk, but rarely sticks around for long. Often times, you’ll just hear her ‘dook-dook-dook’ as she runs by. Chickens have a lot of business to attend to in a day, you know!


    Betty sadly passed away on July 25, 2015, after several months fighting illness.


    Off to her next adventure... I will always miss you, my Betty Beard.

    To sum it up...
    name: Betty
    sex: female
    age: 4 years old (May 11, 2011 - July 25, 2015)
    breed: Easter-egger
    egg color: Pale turquoise

    Thanks for reading! :frow

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  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Thanks, everyone! Betty continues to be a delight to this day.
  2. Chickenfan4life
    Wow, her colors...! And she was just so cute as a chick!
  3. Urk-ah-urk-ah-urr'
    What an 'egg-cellent' read and what a cutie of a little girl. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Debi214
    Great story, thank you for sharing! I especially love her coloring :)
  5. laughingdog52
    Chubby Cheeks! I luv them, but the PGG was sold out his year,.
  6. BrendaChick
    What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing. Dook Dook!
  7. Miss Lydia
    In the last month I bought 4 EE pullets and have been enjoying them so much, if they grow up to be as pretty as Betty and as comical I will be very happy.
  8. FarmGirlLC
    She is so cute, she looks like one of my Grannies hens.
  9. bluedawg
    Betty reminds me of my "Dora the Explorer" :)
  10. misdaisi
    Loved your story! Have a 2 week old Easter Egger that picked me as "her person" from day one...the day I got her, she would walk away from her peeps and the feeder to sit in my hand. Hope she turns out like your Betty!

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