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    rose comb leghorns look thesame as single comb except they have a rosecomb. the most common color for them is light brown, butiful birds, i don't have any personal experiance with them, but i heard that if you raise them from chicks, they can make ideal pets. an advantge for rosecomb is they will much less likly get frostbite.





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  1. mrsjohnson0807
    I have a rose comb leghorn and she is beautiful. She is the friendliest chicken in my flock and loves to be with us all the time.
  2. robertgower53
    Both of mine are laying now. One laying white double yokes and one laying brown.
  3. loudycloudy
    I think that one or two of my chicks are rose comb leghorns, but one of them looks brown and the other is orange with a black-ish tail... then again, they are different ages.
  4. robertgower53
    I just got one 2/11/2012

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