Flashback to the end of week 3 and all of week 4

Me and Flow!

Mother and Ebby

Dad and Flow! (Yes, he is actually holding a bird! I think he secretly loves the chickens too)

Ebby giving the camera a funny look

Lunar sitting atop his thrown (aka: the top of the food jar)

Ebby in part of the 'sleeping' area (they tend to take naps in the same spot every time)
So, my chicks have grown very fast in the last week-and-a-half, they no longer fit in one hand! They have outgrown their aquarium and have thus moved into a series of cardboard boxes taped together. I put towels on the bottom of the boxes and secured them with larger rocks, the chicks love to sit on them. All three have gotten quite a bit louder and much hungrier, but also less scared of me :)
Flow (the smallest one) still likes to walk up and down my arm, the other two (Ebby and Lunar) have yet to try this. I put lunar on my head however, and he seemed quite content to just sit there. Lunar likes to stand on all the highest perches in their little home, like the top of their food jar and the rocks, so I guess my head would be a nice high spot too.
!Have a Great Week!