LynneP's DIY Hopper Feeder
David and I have been wanting a feeder to back up feed our system in the coop, in case of an emergency (such as a snowstorm) that might delay us from getting to the coop. After seeing Sterling Hatcheries feed solutions and researching on-line, we decided to use ABS 4" sewer pipe because of its holding capacity and the ability to add a screw-on cap. This project required no gluing. You could glue the pieces but we wanted to be able to disassemble the piece for cleaning should it be necessary.
Ours is situated in the feed room, then goes through a studded insulated wall into the coop. On the feed room side, it looks like this and exits to the coop, shown inderneath the first photo. To built the feeder you need a length of 4" ABS sewer pipe with the threads on one end; a screw-in cap, a right angled fitting, a 60 degree fitting. Save about 9" of the sewer pipe for connecting the right angle and the 60 deg fitting through the wall. Slant slightly toward the wall to ensure continuous flow and attach. Stores over 15 lb of feed and keeps it fresh. We're using layer pellets in ours.
I would not use this for chicks because they might try to climb inside. Our layers are 26 weeks old and began using the device immediately.

We continue offering layer pellets in the mailbox feeder during the changeover in case we get a hen who resists the switch.