Please Note: Due to health issues, I sold my flock of Marans in 2010 to another breeder in the area. I do not anticipate having any available in the near future.

I currently raise Copper Black Marans as well as several other breeds. The CB Marans are the main breed that I work seriously with. Marans are a challenging breed as you must always select for egg color as well as bird color/type. It can be like chasing the Holy Grail but is still quite rewarding! Egg color is hard to get consistently and there is a tremendous amount of variation among different bloodlines. You must always be careful about where you get your stock from as there are many unscrupulous sellers out there that only want to capitalize on the popularity of this breed. I have actually seen people start a waiting list for eggs when their only birds (and first Marans as well!) are only a couple months old! A good breeder will know the characteristics of their flock, both good and bad, and always strive to improve their birds.

Here are some photos of my birds. All of them are stock hatched from Bev Davis in Florida. By the way, the correct spelling of the name of this breed is Marans, with the (s). A single bird is a Marans, two birds are Marans as well!
When I have them available, I sell eggs for $75 per dozen, shipping and packing included. I also sometimes have chicks or started birds available as well however these are only available for pick-up in Western Massachusetts. If you would like to contact me please us my e-mail instead of the PM feature as it is too difficult to keep track of all correspondence via PM. Thanks!

Some of the Hens:
A few of their eggs:
One of their chicks hatching:
Here are some of eggs from this year's pullets. Great color and a nice improvement in egg shape as well!