Hello from South Carolina!
We are have recently become owners of a small flock (3 total: Easter Egger, Barred Rock, and Speckled Sussex). At the moment, we are 'stealth' chickening as chickens are not permitted within city limits here. (A long-term goal of mine is to change this ordinance!) As a coop isn't possible now, we have a tractor, which we built, that we keep near our daughters' tree house; it really blends in.
We've found our girls (hopefully, they will all be hens! They were purchased from MyPetChicken.com, and we have been very happy with our order -- all arrived alive, and if there are no roosters, MPC will have earned our praises!) to be full of personality. Had we known chickens could be so much fun, we would have bought some years ago!
I am a long-time composter, and an avid gardener, so having chickens was just another way to take more control over what we eat. (We are also members of a CSA.) Plus, watching peeps free-range in the backyard is a lot like Little House on the Prairie!

This is Buckingham (or Bucky for short) a few days old.
We named her Buckingham since she is a Sussex,
an English breed.

This is Mayflower, our Barred Plymouth Rock.Why Mayflower?
The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.

And this is Bunny, our Easter Egger.
Bunny earned her name because Easter eggs are brought by the Easter Bunny!
Here is Bucky on the go. (1 month old) Mayflower (left), Bucky (right) (1 month old) And here's Bunny! (1 month old)
Bucky at 6 weeks.Mayflower (in the front) at 6 weeks.Bunny (6 weeks).
Bucky at 3 months. Buckingham likes to be petted but not held and tries to keep up with Mayflower.Mayflower (in a tree!) 3 months old. She has become the confident chicken and is above the pecking order 'fights.'
Bunny (doesn't like the camera!) at 3 months.
But Bunny likes to prove who is 'first' in the order.
Bucky lays her first egg in January! ...And Mayflower lays 2 in one day as her first egg(s)!Hurray for Bunny! Almost exactly 6 months after hatching, Bunny delivers her first egg in cold December!
Buckingham's good posture! The 'memorial' for our beloved and favorite hen Mayflower who mysteriously died this week. We all miss you, Mayflower!Bunny has joined a new flock. After Mayflower's death, she started bullying Buckingham something terrible. We wish her well in her new flock!

Our second flock begins SEPT 2011...
the OLD (Speckled Sussex, Buckingham)
the NEW (4 Red Stars: Boston, Rye, Bella, Sunny)

Our new girls!
(all Red Stars)
Please follow our hens' egg production -- click on 'egg table' (above, or copy/paste this address into your browser https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=61096-egg-table).