Master Quacker

By BBCHICKS123 · Feb 4, 2017 · Updated Feb 6, 2017 · ·
  1. BBCHICKS123
    I must start this story on a sad note. I had a duck who's name was Hopps he was my little baby he hurt his back around Christmas and l took him to the vet 3 days after Christmas for the vet to advise me on what to do she told me he had a Nero spine injury and that is very serious and hard to recover from but she told me there was hope. Hopps was on 5 medications and a intense PT course he had his good days and his bad, one day l woke up and when to check on him and he was doing quite bad l called the vet she said to keep him resting and skip pt so we did. But God had a different plan for my Hops so that night the good Lord called my Hopps back to him. At least l know that he is with his father and his and my father is with me. After my grieving had became smaller l began to long for a nother duck so l rescued Master Quacker. Master Quacker is a pecan duck he is not good with other ducks and when l first got him home he was horrified of humans but not any more now he is my ducky buddy l spend so much time with him. He loves taking walks in the snow and is very good on a leash. Master Quacker also enjoys making a mess in the bath tub and watching movies, he love popcorn. Though he is not a house duck he does spend a lot of time inside with me, love spending time with him. He was so cute this morning when l went out to shovel the ten inches of snow we got on top of the foot we already had but he was out there waiting for me. Here are some pictures of him l will add more tomorrow [​IMG]
    This is before the ten inches [​IMG]
    We got another foot of snow last night
    Alright here's a picture of him in his house it is not th[​IMG]
    at good

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  1. BBCHICKS123
  2. LauraBrown
    He's adorable!
  3. BBCHICKS123
    Thanks, he knows his name very well he's like a dog
  4. QuackSpeak
    Master Quacker - I like his name!
  5. BBCHICKS123
    I would love to get him a girlfriend anything to make him happy, but l am afraid he would hurt her. His original owners got him as a friend for there duck but he beat her up. I think he's more of a people duck but if the time comes l might try
  6. GoldenFlight
    He is so cute!!!!
  7. drumstick diva
    what a handsome Pekin - do you plan on getting him any girlfriends?

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