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Meet The Flock 1

By jbethmann, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. jbethmann
    We have 3 Golden Comets: Brownie, Spotty and Ruby. And this spring three new chicks joined the flock: Bella, Peck and Butterscotch
    Here is a more recent picture of Peck... at about 5 months

    Here is a nice pic of Peck (r) and Bella (l) together looking for treats at about 5 mos
    Here is Butterscotch at 4 mos
    Although they all started out at the same age, Bella (above at 4 mos) looks a bit older than Peck (below at 4 mos) due to her comb and wattle coming in
    And the older gals...they joined us as 9 wk old pullets from a local farm in April 2010. Brownie (l) and Ruby (r)
    and finally Spotty, who was having some laying issues, but appears to be back on the swing of things with some JUMBO eggs lately :)

    They are all finally getting along!! Thought it would never happen, but they are interesting to learn about :)

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