Okay, for those who want to know Mella is a PM RP toon that i play with DuckLover2399.
Her full name is Mella Rose Alaxandera, she was born in New rome (the new percy jackson series) her mother was the daughter of Ceres the roman goddess of Agriculture, her Father was the son of Hecta (i dont know the roman form). She fights with a 4 foot long staff that has 2 feet on each side of sword, so that weapon is 6 feet long. In the middle of the staff there is a line, if need the staff can break in half for 2 smaller weapons, it hidden form is a plain pen she just needs to flip into the air for it to tranphorm.

On a quest, by herself she found pan, who the Fauns (greek form: Saytars) think was still alive even tho a long time ago a faun tried to tell him he died. When she found him, he was ready to pass on, but he gave her his powers, Even Panic for which that word was founded after him. She has long, to her ankle pure black hair, and Violet eyes, she walks barefooted most of the time unless in battle she wears leather armor and boots

here battle outfit (draw by me, DONT STEAL)


*this one is a close up of just her*

She also has a Dragon tattoo that is multi color, it was a gift from Iris (goddess of rainbow) so she can IM (Iris message) any time she wants for free

a Drawing of it

she Joined the twethe Cohort at the Age of 7, and 10 year later she Meet James (RP by DuckLover2399. ) a Greek Demigod, son of Posidian (SP) it is unknow yet if they are to go out or not.........

Being gifted with nature she can understand every animal, even Monsters. Whe she walks thro the forest she wears a rainbow silk dress



coming soon!

*i will post more info later on*