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    *chapter one
    The raid

    She watched as the sun lazily set. Silverose's eyes watched for any movement "The hunters should be back by now" She muttered to herself.Then she saw a speck appear on the plains.She squinted her eyes to what at first appeared to be centaurs.Then to her dawning horror, it was humans and bull men! Fear crept int hoer body. She galloped off to the village, she had to warn them.

    She went as fast her her horse legs could carry her, but it felt like she as running through quick sand. By the time she arrived she was out of breath. Her mother trotted out to see what every one was all buzz about. She held a basket of roots in her right arm, and her lovely raven black hair was lose. She looked into her daughter's eyes. Silverose silver eyes made contact with her mother's pure ice blue ones "Humans" She wheezed "Coming-,this way!"

    Gasps filled the small village, but it was to late. The sound of beating hooves filled the air. Silverose felt someone grab her arm. She was about to drop kick whoever snagged her when she heard her mother's sweet voice "Here!" She handed her a pouch "Run to the mountains, quickly!" she pushed Silverose into the chaos. She weaved through the small huts. Mothers screaming as they fought the humans and bull men for their foals filled her ears. She quickly jumped over a fallen horse and rider. She was almost there, just a few more quick strides.

    Suddenly round brown things went around her neck, she was jerked back, she clawed at it. "A rope!" She thought in horror. She pulled and fought the rope, nearly chocking herself. She whipped around to see who held the rope. It was a bull man; or know among humans,elves, and other races, as a minotaur. he commanded his horse to back, dragging Sivlerose, and choking her; leaving her no choice but to follow.

    The Minotaur, a tall black fur bull headed man, drug her to a small group of other centaurs, most of them foals. She scanned the group for her mother. The fair skinned, with raven black hair, and rare ice blues eyes didn't appear to be in the group.

    The minotaur gathered her to some other foals, most of them around ten in human years, but a few her age. She kept hoping, praying that the hunters would be back. The humans slowly walked around them as if choosing a horse to be broke of it spirit. One of them,a male, pointed at her and said something to the minotaur that had caught her. She stared at him blankly. Slowly the minotaur got down off his horse. He had some ropes in his hand, he spoke to her in a soft, soothing voice. He gently, to her surprise, bound her hands. He then re-mounted his horse. A that had started so beautifully, had become a nightmare.

    They started to move the group, leaving the wailing mothers to watch. Who were unable to help in fear of death. Silverose tried to see if her mother was among them, but she was jerk forward. She close her eyes, tears raining down.She held the memory of her mother's heavenly face, with long flowing raven black hair, and eyes as blue as ice strong in her mind. What has she done to deserve this? Which god has she angered to be torn away from her mother, her father? "Will i ever see them again?" she thought sorrowfully.By then, the sun had set, and first stars started to appear. She looked up at the dazzling stars, among her people they meant hope, but they seemed to be mocking her now.

    Chapter two *

    Silverrose's throat felt dry. She wondered how long had they been traveling? Days, weeks, the last full moon was two nights ago? The group stop when the humans gave out water, all greedily drank, for it was never enough. By the time she was finished with her ration it was time to move on. Instead of walking they were force to gallop, her legs felt like they would give out. She watch with deep heaviness of heart what has happen to the weaker foals. She could not aloud that to happen to her, she wanted to live!

    She watched as the scenery changed, the plains becoming lush grass lands, and over time the smell of humans and other strange things filled her nostrils. Where was she? Soon they were corralled into a pen of some sort. She watched the other creatures, mostly humans,orcs and other things.
    she was ready to collapse from exhaustion. Then one of the observers caught her eye. He had a natural grace to his steps, his clothing was of a leather she's never seen. he turned to face her, and to her shock he was an elf! His eyes were grey slanted, with ears pointed like hers, and start blonde hair. He seemed to be looking at a sheet of paper, then back at her, as if trying to indentify something about her.

    The elf's name was Baldar, His people despised the sales of centaurs. the sales were cruel, ripping children away from their families and their world, considering them to be barbaric and savage. He kept looking back at her as if puzzling something.
    "could this be the last magic using centaur?" He muttered quietly.

    Silverose appeared to be around fourteen human years of age. She had blue roan coat, her skin was a fair color, rare among centaurs. He peered closely at her face, her eyes seemed to startle him. They were silver! Like that of the finest craftsmanship of dwarfs. Her hair was a deep black with silver-white hues ands streaks run through.

    Silverose felt uneasy having the elf staring at her. One of the younger foals was crying, she spoke softly to him, hoping to calm him down. She took a good look at the others that were closer to her age. She looked at their dull lifeless eyes, they had lost hope. "No, I am not goning to become like them," she thought.

    The minotaur walk to one of the foals, a colt around Silver's age had loosen his own rope. The colt reared up striking at the minotaur. The sickening sound of a head being crushed under hoof filled the corral.
    Silverose whipped around, looking at horror as the minotaur fell into a lifeless heap. The colt yelled "Come on!" He galloped towards the other humans, they yelped and darted out of the way.

    Silverose snapped out of shock "No this is not the way!" she trotted in front of the colts nect human target.

    The colt snarled "Why do you do this Silverose? They took us away from our families! They should pay!" His green eyes glistened in the blaring sunlight, he wanted revenge.

    She shook her head "No Jadewolf! This is not the way, they will be judged when the gods deem it right."

    Balder watched as the unfortunate event unfolded.

    Jadewolf snarled, and reared up. He didn't care if he took out both Silverose and the human together. Silverose turned and kicked him in the chest, he collapsed back. Quickly the other captors rushed in and roped the young colt.
    The human that Silverose saved looked up at her. "thank you." He said softly before running off.
    A few wary humans cam in and drug the budy out. Silverose watch as they took Jadewolf away, he thrashed and kicked at anything that he could. One of the humans came up with a knife. He grabbed the young colt's head, but before he could slice the colt's throat a minotaur walked up. "How much?" His voice rumbling voice asked. He had tan fur, and was scrawny for his race.
    The human, who had dark skin, looked at the minotaur as if he were mad "Yer want this mad one?"

    "Of course! He would do well in the arena" He grinned gruesomely "The price?"

    The human with the knife looked at a man nearby, he was well, rounded, his clothing made of silk. His face reminded Silverose of a snake.His hair was sparse. "I told you to kill it Milo" He squeacked, then saw the minotaur. "Yes?" He snapped.

    The Minotaur snorted at the lowlife human. "I am willing to buy this one off your hand." He pulled out his pouch.

    The human looked at the bag of money greedily. "Forty gold" He said. The minotaur handed over the money with out a fuss.
    "Milo" he said "Get that one ready to travel"

    Balder watch with pity as Jadewolf was taken away by the Arena Master "That one will most likely not survived his first round" He mumbled

    Chapter three *

    A few days after the incident that sale took place. Balder sat down near the front. He could feel the eyes of the other races bearing down on him. What was an Elf, a Mage on top of that doing there? They, including himself seemed to ask. He was sent to find a magic using Centaur, and bring them to the School of Magic. Yet one had not been found in ages, and here one possibly appears at the auctions.

    Silverose stood like a stone, unmoving as the foals were seperated into groups by age and gender, those who were brother and sisters were torn apart, pleading to be kept together. But like all centaurs they could speak nor understand Common, a tongue that seems to allow the others to speak to each other, no matter the race.

    Silverose waited, and slowly one by one her tribe members, those she had played with, were sold off. A young colt hugged his sister; when a human, female by the looks, came up to take the colt away he screamed bloody murder. "Nooo!" He cried "Pwease! No!" Tears raining down ihs cheeks, over time the female pried him away, but he kept on fighting. Silverose could do nothing, her herat ache as each one was sold off, but she lept a stone like face, showing nothing of her true feelings. Then came her turn.

    The snake face human looked at Silverose "We have here a female,about thirteen to fourteen of age, her hair a startling black and white mix. As yer can see her horse body is of a blue roan, her eyes are a rare silver color." He talked like he'd just had ten cups of coffee with a pound of sugar "The starting bid is ten gold pieces, ten gold pieces!"

    balder gingerly raised his flag, gasps filled the air.

    "We have ten from the elf, anyone else?!"

    Balder muttered something. Those who were thinking of buying Silverose seemed to change their mind, as if magic was being played. "Going once! Going twice! SOLD to the elf!"
    Silverose watched, as the sale ended, her friends be taken away to their new lives. Torn away from everything, never to see each other again.

    Balder blocked out the screams as siblings were drug away from each other "This is wrong!" He wanted to scream. He went to the handler that had Silverose. In silence he paid, then lead her away. He stopped elsewere a looked at her over closely.

    In many ways she had elven features, her almond shape eyes, and pointed ears. Which were going back and forth as she listen to the noises. Her hair, which was long and lush; was a mess.The seller had removed her rawhide type breast plate and replace it with a blouse of sorts. Her eyes, now they made Baldar feel uneasy, The silver and deep coldness.

    Silverose felt as the elf looked her over. He had blonde hair that was kept in a braid. She wondered what was in his pouches that were attached to his hip. The smell that waft out made her hungry, oh what she would do for some warm bread.She looked around; the village looked so, alien to her. She fought the urge to scratch her neck, this fabric was so weird.

    Balder went to were his horse was stabled, he was about to tell Silverose to stay when it dawned on him that she didn't speak common.He thought for a few moments, then mutters "He'la Sha'ke" "Stay here" he told her

    Silverose snorted, she could understand him! But how? what made it were she could understand his tongue? He repeated again to her, Like speaking to a child "Stay here."

    "H-how?" She stuttered "How can I understand your tongue?"

    Balder couldn't help it, he started to chuckle. "magic dear one. Now, please stay here!" he went into the stables, leaving Siverose dumb founded.

    Chapter 4

    Baldar tighten the cinch on the saddle, he listen to Silverose every move, he knew she wouldn't most likely run off, but still. "come on girl" he said gently to the mare as he lead her out by the reins. As he thought, Silverose was standing there. He looked at Silverose, "Follow me" he said as he mounted onto the horse.

    Silverose snorted, but did as told, she didn't know the land it could be a suicide mission to escape here. Balder tap the horse into a trot, forcing Silver to do the same, didn't he know she was tired already?

    He knew, but wanted to get out of the horrible town, the faster he did, the happier he would be. He head out in one of the back roads, he need supplies for the trip to the school, and thankfully a friend lives nearby. Silver followed, the smells and sounds were so new to her. She jumped as a cat yowled when step on it tail. he scampered off.

    As they made it out of the town they headed into the forest, down a old beaten path. Smoke from a chimney was seen, Balder smiled,"Good, he home"

    Sliver looked at him "Who?" She asked

    "A friend" Was all he would say.

    The building, a small hut, appeared at the end of the road. A cat was sitting down, flicking it broken tail. It Gave a evil look to them. "that cat looks familiar"Silver thought.

    Baldar didn't dis-mount "Is that how you treat your old teacher?" He said, amusement glittered in his eyes.

    The cat sneezed, and disappeared as a man, dress thankfully, took it place, his eyes were feline green. "I should look familiar centaur" he grumbled " You stepped on my tail!"

    Silverose jaw went slack, was this little fleabag a telepath?The werecat snorted, clearly amused with her reaction. Baldar shook his head, "Palix, Leave her alone."

    Palix purred "What? I have played with a centaur before, which speaking of, why are you traveling with a centaur?"

    Now it was Baldar turn to be amused "The council thought it would be fun for me to babysit, hence why I am here, i am in need of supplies."

    Palix looked at him "Couldn't you got supplies in the town?"

    "And supported that town anymore then I have too/ No way, anyhow, you have the supplies I really need."

    "fine, fine, come in, just don't damage anything" Palix gestured them into the house, which Silverose honestly thought it was to small for her to fit through the door. Baldar tied his horse up and head in, he notice that Silver held back "Come on in!" he said.

    Silver gingerly went to the door way, it seem to warped and change to were she could fit through. Her eyes widen at what she saw inside the 'small' house.

    On the outside it appeared to be one story, but on the inside it had a grand staircase heading to a upstairs, the walls were draped with silk and tapestries of fine quality.Pedestals were line around the walls, vases and statues were on top of them. "I see you still have that fine taste werecats are know for" Baldar commented, fingering a white vase,

    Silverose took a step into the house, then slipped on the tiles. A yelp escaped from her mouth as she tried to balance. Palix snickered as she tried to not do a split.

    Baldar took pity on the poor centaur and muttered a spelled.Silver was soon able to stand, but she was clearly embarrassed.

    Once she could stand with out ice skating on the tile she looked around "this place could hold a dragon!" she thought.

    Palix came back with a few glasses of water "Over course dear, it can hold a dragon, and does so now."
    Her eyes widen, fear filled it, then she snorted in anger noticing that fact that Palix face twitched as he tried not to laugh, she swung her haunches around, planing to drop kick him.

    Baldar eye widen and ran over , 'Whoa there girl!" he said, yanking the werecat away from her deadly hind end, any seconds later and Palix would of been flying 'Don't you know anything about Centaurs?' He hissed at Palix. "They quickly learn common number one, and number two they deeply fear dragons!"

    Palix shrugged and turn into his cat form,his fur was midnight black and sleek. He scampered off.

    Clawed hands touch the crystal as it owner's eyes watch as Silverose glowered at the werecat, a smile flickered on it face.

    A gold dragon walked into the room, he studied his master. Her face was framed with snow white hair, her eyes were reptilian but green. "Queen Darlish," His deep voice rumbled "Would we like me to destroy that pest house now?"

    "No" her siren like voice purred "Let wait, I am quite curioes if this centaur could truly wield magic." her eye glittered with power, power of that of a dark magic user "Just spy on her, maybe earn their trust."

    He rumbled "Yes mi'lady" His huge dragon form morph and changed, his long snout became a male human face. His long scaly body became of that of a well muscled human, his gold scales morphed into those of a hunter. He sneezed and fire flew out "I think I got it all." He remarked, brushing his golden hair our of his golden eyes.

    "Good" Darlish purred " Don't let that blasted elf think you are something else, got it?"
    "Yes, Milady" By that word he muttered a spelled, and in a flash of light was gone.

    He appeared outside the house, Baldar's horse neighed and tugged at the reins. He hissed at the horse, it froze with pure fear. "Now" he mumbled to himself "What should my name be?"
    Baldar looked at Silver, this was going to be a long trip back, Palix voice could be heard "Food is in the kitchen,I am getting the herbs you will need ready"

    "Thank you" Baldar said.

    Chapter 5

    As Baldar and Silverose waited for Palix to get the items needed, their unwanted guest pondered out his name. After a few moments he finally decided. "Mixus.." He purred, "That would be perfect.." He looked around the place, so basic and bare to his queen palace, but it would have to do. He smirked and walked off to the forest, he need them to trust him, and what is no better when then to come half dead?

    The aged wizard looked over the school ground from his tower watch out, watching as young students learn the spells. His blue eyes wandered to the sky, as if waiting for something. Then he saw it, a small speck.

    HE listened as a young student hurried in, half-elf by his graceful walk, "He is here Master Jeroth." He announced.

    Jeroth nodded, in the student eyes he was the eldest of them all, but oh only if they looked into his young eyes. He watched as the student walked off, knowing this meeting was to be done in private. The speck grew bigger, becoming a graceful nose dive to the ledge of the window, claws outstretch. It flared it ice like blue wings. "Jeroth, you summon me her, why?" It voice was musical.

    "Because, we believe we found her, but.." He paused, "But something wrong, another person appeared.."

    The bird snorted, ice flared out it nostrils, "You want me to check it out? Don't you know how few of us are left?! Humans!"

    "I know!" He snapped, "But if the person is a dragon.. Until, if she is who she is, the centaur learn to control her powers. She won't be able to defeat a dragon... Only the phoenixes can right now.."

    The bird narrowed it pure blue eyes, "How can we know she is her? We are following legends, rumors, a prophecy that has yet to make sense! How can we know she has Phoenix blood in her?"

    "We don't, but what other choice do we have?!" Jeroth snapped, soon tasting blood in his mouth as he started coughing. Death was waiting for him, but not yet, to soon.

    The bird face seem to soften, "How long? I know the witch has, changed you, but how long do you have to live?"

    "No much longer.." Jeroth weak,horse voice said, "She has to be the one, the others were not..."

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