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Mine And Her

By Chicken Girl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chicken Girl
    Hello! You all know my Frizzle/White Cochin (Pearl) from my last page?! Right? OK, well she went broody on the March, 3, 09. It was her second time. First time no luck. But this time she did great! I gave her 9 eggs. 2 she ate 1 was crying. lol And the last one never hatched. She got 5 cute little fuzzy butts! They are a cross breed Buff Cochin roo and White Leghorn pullets. The are vary vary cute. Most of the babies have black spots on there backs! And the last one the hatch has big brown circles around his eyes! Like a BO! How cool! I will get pics of him. I think 3 out of the five have feathers legs. I will keep you all posted on there growing and stuff. This is my first hatch and Hers! She is doing great! Vary good mom!
    The first hatched baby went missing today! We do not knoe were it went. But we have 4 left. [​IMG] Thats ok. I got a pic of baby with brown eyes! They are 1 week and 2 days! But when i took the pic he/she was a week old! [​IMG]

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