[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]Kate's Cacklin' Ranch[/FONT]​
Howdy from Texas! Let me do a bit of introducing...
I have, at current, 40 Claret chickens. They are a game bird breed, and are wild as the day is long. Very few I can actually handle, and those are because they were raised in the house. Baldy, she's our top producing hen. Baldy has a defect that has inabled her from growing feathers on her head and parts of her back, mostly caused by being over-bred before she came here. Porch Mama, who always hatches her chicks on the front porch, and Jack-the-Arse the mean boy. He is prone to attacking humans if you get in 'his' territory. Crooked-tail, our leading sire, recently passed away when he and Jack got into a tussel when we weren't home. He will be truely missed, but thanfully his picture-image son has taken over as sire. The rest of the hens will not be named as it takes WAY to long.
There's Derby, an old mixed-bred fighting Roo with a gimp leg. He's sort of our mascot around here. I purchased him from my uncle, who was going to use him as a bait rooster to trap coons, and set him loose in my yard. He spends most of his time on my porch or in my house, away from those 'mean' birds that torment him outside for being different. Everyone who visits freaks out over his leg, asking if I knew it was broken. I have to laugh it off and explain to him that he cut a tendon and will never use that leg again. I will post pictures of him, soon.
Piggy, who I have forever thought was an Ameraucana but recently found out was an EE thans to the kind people here at BYC. She's all white, was raised in the house, and a complete pet. Piggy is the only survivor of a group of chicks that some cruel lady was planning on dumping in a parking lot before I interviened. Earl was her best companion, and a sweetheart, but he started fighting my game birds[although I do believe they started them] and had to be placed on the kitchen table in January. We miss him dearly, but Earl had to die.
I also have three dogs. Trixie, the red heeler x dingo, Titan the ridgeless ridgeback, and Blue boy the ????. Six permanent cats. Camel and Tufty, my neutered toms [Gibs]. Annie, her daughter DeeDee, Dyno [Tufty's mother], and Daisy. We also currently have twelve kittens to rehome. Three from Annie, born April 5, 2010 will be ready to go June 5, 2010 and only two need homes from this litter. DeeDee's litter[She's next to be spayed once these babies are weaned], four tabby kittens and a black and white born late the 23rd and early the 24th. Dyno's litter, three tabby males and a calico female that we will be keeping[Daisy]. By January all our girls will be fixed, and I'm crossing fingers no one gets pregnant again in between now and then because my vet refuses to operate on pregnant cats after 6 weeks of pregnancy.
There are also the horses. Mama the mustang, who a good friend of mine rescued at three days old with her yearling sister from an Auction. They were both still on their mother, who was purchased by her older sister. Mama is a forever horse, she will never leave my arms until she crosses the bridge. Oakley, the three year old OTTB who is completely knockers. Last but not least, Maya, the Trakehner mare. She is blind in one eye and was never able to get over her fear of jump standards, so she was given to us in a trade of sorts for a TB that would jump anything placed in front of him. She's a sweety, and a forever horse. [Well, they all are.]
The parakeets, Clyde and Anastasia, are wild but I love listening to them sing. Gold fish in the horse trough, several fish in a tank, and Piggers the ex show Pig.
Hopefully soon I will be able to get ducks, and I am currently waiting on some day-old BA and GSL chicks from my Aunt. Crossing my fingers at least a few will be standard and one or two show quality, because that's why I'm getting them! I will post pictures at a later date, I suppose, but for now I'm figuring this website out and trying to get to know it better.
A little about me. I was raised on horses, chickens, and cattle. I showed swine in 4-H and FFA, always placed top ten with them. I'm a horse trainer, with an empty schedule for this year if anyone needs some work done :p My name's Kate, but I'm known throughout these lands of East Texas and some South Texas areas as Red. I'm in the Army Reserve, hope to go active one day or at least see some action, and a PFC/E-3. I think I covered everything... I know this is a blog area but had to introduce the family!