This is Piggy, she is my EE hen. I thought she was a true Ameraucana until I joined this site, thanks to all the helpful people and Illia breaking down the breed for me I know understand [somewhat] the difference and that my hen is NOT a pure bird. She is pretty though, and spoiled rotten. She thinks she belongs in the house, and spends most of her time coming through the back door looking for treats.
Derby, my 'Battlecross' rescue Rooster. He and Piggy are the best of buds. Derby is an old fighting bird, and got his name because he was a Derby winner. But because of his injured limb, they were going to butcher him or use him as a bait bird. I snatched him, and a few Clarets two years earlier, up from them and started from there. I have only had Derby himself for about a year now, but I have had the Clarets for three.

I believe they are BA's, but I found them at my local feed store so Lord only knows what I snatched up. Time wil tell... My newest edditions, more to come.
I will also post pictures of my Clarets as soon as I get them uploaded onto PB, which wont be any time soon I'm afraid.
In the temporary brooder, which has since been upgraded to allow the birds more room. The white chick down in the bottom right corner is out of a Piggy egg, and I believe it's crossed with my neighbors Leghorn although it could be Derby's chick as well. It's a little pullet. The striped chick next to 'Ducky' is 'Bovine' she is a pure Claret chick.