Hi, my name is Cathy and my family and I live in Huntsville, Tx. We have a small amount of acreage where we have had everything from cows to rabbits.
I grew up in the country and my husband lived in a rural area outside of San Antonio and we both wanted to live and raise our kids in the country. We found our land, built a barn, had a mobile home moved in (the land was unimproved at the time of purchase and had to have a lot done to it) and moved ourselves and our son's pregnant scramble heifer to the country.
We no longer have cattle, but raise goats and chickens. We had rabbits when the kids showed rabbits in 4-H and FFA and sold those a few years ago when they stopped showing them. We are looking at getting some again for meat production and of course fertilizer for the garden. We've raised show chickens and of course have our egg producers. Now just egg production and meat for our freezer when needed.
We raise boer, pigmy and dairy goats. We milk the goats when the moms are producing. I hope to start making cheese and yogurt from goat's milk.
We have a garden and plan to enlarge it this spring. We are striving to educate ourselves to be self-sufficient by living off of our land.
I hope to add some photos of or livestock to this page.