The old coop...

Years ago I tried my hand with chickens and enjoyed them and their eggs very much. As life is, I drifted away from them as they all passed. Now retired I wanted to enjoy them again. The old coop was shot, so I decided to build a new coop. After I started the coop I did a little search on-line and found BYC. I wish I found it earlier, it's a great site and enjoy it very much!
The new coop...




My space saving feeder...
I did modified it a little from other examples on here. Two fill tubes at each end to hold more feed and to keep the holes full easier. Hung it by a couple of screws for easy removal for cleaning and used 3"to 4" coupler as a funnel for easier filling.The tube with the holes is not glued in place, it can be rotated to face the holes as needed or to removed the tube and replace with another tube with some other configuration.



Space saving waterer...
The waterer joints are sealed, Atmosphere pressure prevents the water from running out. The cap kinda acts simular as your thumb on the top of a straw. You have to hold it horizonal to fill. The keyhole system makes it easier to take it down than bungies, wire, etc.