Wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet wet

Wetter wetter wetter wetter wetter wetter wetter wetter
Wet wet wet wet wet wet
Wet wet wet wet

The Coop and run are an island...
Wet wet wet

Rembrandt, the rooster,..has been watching the rising water all morning,.. "Quietly",...... Rembrandt is never quiet.

It's coming in the run now,....

All the bricks are to build a walkway,... from the coop towards the house,.. maybe we just need a bridge,..

Juinita laid her egg and got trapped,.. poor thing was calling for help! It doesn't look deep untill they get in it and it's up to their little necks!

Olivia to the rescue! Got her across the deepest part,.. Juinita ran the rest of the way,.. straight under the house,..

Everyone trying to stay out of the water and dry out.

This weird egg was laid by my neighbors EE. It was completely enclosed by a double gooy membrane. This hen is the same one that laid the pretty "marbled" egg on our other page. She often lays shell-less eggs,.. but this one is really something.
The tail thing was full of goo!
It's a nice sized egg.

Pretty Blue under all that goo!**

This is Rembrandt, our Barnevelder roo,.. The King of the Flock,.. The Big Cheese,.. Da Boss,...
well,.. that's what the hens let him think anyway,...