Hi, my name is Jennie. Im a 33 year old stay at home mom to 5. I decided 3 years ago to raise chickens as pets and for the fresh eggs, and now Im wondering what took me so long to do it!
That spring we got our very first batch of chicks. I bought them all as hens, but we're finding out that we have a few roos

Here are the new babies. We found these little darlings at our local feed store. The first group we brought home are RIRs (3) and Australorps (3).


Here is the 2nd batch we got, the following week. They are 2 weeks old here. We have 2 Banties, 3 EEers, and 2 BRs
Here are our 3 RIRs and 3 Australorps, at 3 weeks of age.
Here they are, all together- their first night outside in the new coop.

exploring their new territory, outside in the run
Now here they are, 6 weeks old....