Well things have been coming along nicely. We've gotten the nesting boxes finished, and the hens have finally begun using the roosts. (We were beginning to think they weren't using them at all until I happened to catch one on it the other day.) My Dad was nice enough to help me fix my feeder tray so that it wasn't laying on the floor inside the coop. He came up with a way to have it hang on the wall at just the right height. (The hens are loving him for it!)

My husband is trying to figure out where we want to hook up the light pole, and where to wire the lights in the coop to help with the hens egg laying. We're still trying to figure out when we will get all of that done.

I'm also starting to gather the materials together to build the run. When it's finished finished the girls should have a 12' x 8' run with a two-story 4' x 8' coop. I think that should be plenty of space for them. (I'm hoping so anyway!)