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By mstricer · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]MICHI'S MARANS[/FONT]​
    Hello my name is Michele. I live in Northcentral Ohio (i think thats where i am) I found myself wanting Marans for their egg color but now its to show and preserving the breed. I want to breed these birds according to the standards that are being presented for approval by APA. I dont know what I'm doing at this time. But with practice I think I can figure it out. I will be starting my flock with 1 chick hatch from
    [​IMG]This is Lucky, he is a French Black Copper Marans, feathered legged. it hatched friday 11/13/09. He was the only one that made it out of 6. This baby came from Georgia.
    [​IMG]This is Black Marans clean legged, don't know whats up with the weird coloring on toes. will keep eye on. With this one I aslo got 2 Blue Copper Marans.[​IMG][​IMG]All three are cleanlegged and came from the same Blue Copper Marans Roo. They are from Ohio.
    These beautiful eggs are from a nice lady in Ohio. They are due to hatch 12/06/09. Well this is what I'm working with. Just the beginning. I will do seperate pages for each Varitety. As well as the progression of eggs.

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