My Always Expanding Flock

By Acornewell · Jan 11, 2015 · Updated Aug 18, 2015 · ·
  1. Acornewell
    So, I started out while my husband was at work driving about an hour to pick up 3 chicks from a feed store. My husband called when he got home from work asking where I was. I told him I decided to get 3 baby chicks, and I was on my way home with them. My hubby is so supportive and would allow me to bring home an elephant if I wanted one [​IMG]

    So it began. My first Hens Stella, Bellina, and Penelope.

    Hey...Guess What? CHICKEN BUTT x3

    Stella - Stella Bella

    Miss Bellina - Bina Bean

    Penelope - PP CHI CHI

    Then of course I frequented farm stores for treats to spoil my girls. It was Spring...there were chicks... So we decided to add two Barred Rocks. Rexy & Cici. They lived in our bathtub until it was warm enough to move them outside to the big girl coop.

    Rub a dub dub...two chicks in a tub!

    Rexy - Sexy Rexy {having a staring contest with that handsome garden rooster.}

    CiCi- I named her CC for Chatty Cathy
    *please note Rexy is the closest one sleeping with her head tucked in her wing. Cici is in the background. I have yet till this day to get a good picture of her because she wont stand still. She is always on the move! I will post one if I ever get one! :)

    We moved to an old 1850's farmhouse. Of course the only reason was to have room for my chickens & of course get more!!! On another trip to a different feed store, I saw two little buff orpington chicks all alone. They had pasty butt pretty badly. Of course I scooped them up and brought them home and cleaned up their little bums. We named them the "Boofy Girls" Buffy & Darla.

    The Boofy Girls

    Buffy - Boofy
    RIP 1/8/2015 - Boofy passed away in my loving arms...she had some sort of fluid building up in her abdomen. I think she was laying internally! You will be missed my sweet Boof.

    Darla - Dee Dee

    Then we decided to try to see if adding a Rooster to our flock. The older girls were picking on the littler gals. And now we live on a farm so why not!


    Rico Suave - We usually just call him Rico...unless he is in trouble! LOL


    Since we had a Rooster, I bought an incubator. I set 13 eggs, only 2 of which hatched. Haven't officially picked out names yet. For now it is Big Roosty and Little Roosty (pullet). They are both Rexy's hatchlings.

    Oh, and somehow my Mother thought she wanted White Ducks. So now I have 3 Pekin Ducks. Moe, Fluffy, & Howard. All females!

    Moe - Momo
    Left side: Fluffy
    Front Right: Moe
    Very back right: Howard
    3 Black Cochins
    I call her Big Mama. She is quite bossy.

    My husband went with me when I picked up my 3 Black Cochins...Probably so I wouldn't come home with more than 3. However she had 6 baby chicks that were Quail Bearded D'anver Bantams. HE FELL IN LOVE! I really didn't want to raise chicks at that moment as I had some getting ready to join the big coop...I told him that these would be "his" birds. Almost like I was telling a child he has to walk, feed, and train his puppy! I thought it was something he would get bored of when he would have to wake up and care for these...but he loves them. He calls it his 6 pack. There are 2 Females and 4 Males. They are the funniest bunch. Very friendly. Maybe that is the way to get husband on board with our obsessions...get them a 6 pack! LOL Oh and their names are ...the 4 roosters (the 4 horsemen) Johnny Walker, Jack, Jose, and Jim and the two ladies are Pina and Shirley!


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  1. Betsy57
    Sounds like you're suffering from Chicken Math. A common problem. I too suffer :)
  2. BuffOrps416
    Great story! Wish I had such an awesome flock! So sorry about Boofy… May she rest in peace with my other two buff orps.
  3. Alycea
    What a fabulous story and great pictures! I particularly love the goose selfie :) Do you blog your 'tails'?
  4. foxmfan1
    what great pictures!! so was it hard incorporating all those different ages together? how do they get along with the ducks, my bf wants a few ducks too, but I am on the fence about that, i'd rather get a few more ladies. : )
  5. N F C
    It was fun to read your story of the ever expanding flock and the photos are great! Thanks for sharing
  6. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  7. jchny2000
    Loved your story! You have a beautiful flock.
  8. mymilliefleur
    Very pretty birds!

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