I have got about five minutes so I will just quickly post some of the pics! When I get time I will write the story too!

I will be telling you all the names when the story comes!

Start with the roo's!

This is Blackie, he is third in command!

This is orange rooster, (he is nameless) he is 2nd in command!

This is Big D at the moment he is the head roo!

Now for the broodies with chicks!

These are the broodies with their chicks!

Now for the broodies on eggs!

These are the broodies that are still broody at the moment!

This is Mrs Frizzle! She just got her chicks but this is a pic of when she was broody!

Some nests!

This is how most of the nests look!

These two nests eggs were eaten by our dog!

Now for the coop!
It is a really simple coop, but it is just for the nest boxes and when the chickens roost! Otherwise they are free-ranging!

Lead Hen Eggbert!

My two RIR'S!

My Broilers!

They have just recently changed food to this food!

Future guard dog!

Her name is Bella, she is a Jack Russel! We just recently goat a Broerboel named Sasha!

Mrs Frizzle and her chicks!

The group!

My two favourite!

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