Here is a pick of my chick Majal that i designed. We built the whole thing out of 2x4s, plywood, trim and 1x6s that my BF got when he went and worked on a restraunt demolition on his day off for some extra cash. The Chimney part was a firewood display his step dad built for publix and gave to us after it warmed up. We built onto that.


adding the run framing


My BF building the bottom row of nest boxes


me helping with the nest boxes


now with nest boxes and ramp finished. we built the top nest boxes about 6 inches shallower than the bottom ones so the hens have a ramp and a walkway to get to all three top nest boxes. My smaller hens, the leghorns and game hen like the smaller nest boxes better. Guess they are cozier.


Here is the back of the coop. it has two doors, the one shown is the access door, the other one was the same size but covers the nest boxes, so you just open that door and reach in and get the eggs.

and here is the finished product

The happy inhabitants

The chickens aren't the only ones who love this big run:) this is my son with his favorite chicken, Sally the lone NH red. Needless to say she has a permeneant spot here.

When we got those firewood displays (we got two) we quickly filled one with firewood from springtime land clearing. The second one was so cute that knew i had to somehow incorporate it into my chicken pen design. This was a very cost effective project since we got all those materials from that construction site. I only had to invest money in staples, wood screws and 1" poultry wire. SO about 50 bucks total was spent on this pen.. I'm very happy with it. My BF never knew he had a master chicken coop carpenter lurking somewhere inside him
This is the second coop/ run we built together. I will include pics of other coops soon as I find them.
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