My chicken, Bitsy

By Lavender Wraps · May 14, 2015 · Updated May 14, 2015 · ·
  1. Lavender Wraps

    This is my chicken, Bitsy. I got her from a local feed store in Rohnert Park, Ca. She is so very gentle and lets me pick her up. She must of been raised in the house because she tried to follow me in. She is a bantam, appears to be a year at least.

    She laid the next day which surprised me as they usually fall off laying when moved, especially to a next home. She laid 6 eggs a week and rested on the 7th day, sound familiar? Her eggs are larger than I expected them to be.

    She steered clear of our full size hens at first but hung fairly close to them, just not in pecking distance. Now she has claimed cock-of-the-walk even though she's a hen. She'll pounce on them if they get too close to her special treats. So funny to watch.

    Then she got broody, I let her set on 3 wooden eggs until my son brought me 3 bantam chicks about a week old. That night I replaced the eggs with the chicks. She took right to them and vise versa. She's a great mom as most bantam hens are! Oh yes,
    she has two hens and one rooster. Even though they are still quite small the two hens dust with their mother (step-mother, lol!), the rooster, with his long legs, does not dust, just walks around them scratching and eating.

    Another oddity is the one white chick has already claimed pecking order over the two others. The black chick has turned out to be a frizzle and is a mama's baby, lol!

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  1. Brookliner
    More pictures please

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