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May 26,2010
Will be mostly pics as we have all seen the endless cute little chickeny things they do. Sooo here are some pics:)

Cleopatra Hawkeye Big Bird Zippy Spidey

The Arrival
I got the girls from Randall Burkey who gets them from various hatcheries. They arrived in good shape except Spidey was a little dehydrated but took right to the fountain and perked up right away. Hawkeye gets pasty butt so I have to keep an eye on him but so far, about 60 hours from arrival, all is well.


June 5th - Pheasant Under Tarp
My DH's partner was nice enough to bring us 13 pheasant chicks in a dog carrier from where they were raisng a total of 500! It was a surprise for me so since it was raining we rushed around and got a tarp over an old dog kennel and put in a water fount and feeder with some wild bird seed. I'm told they are about 2 months old. We are hoping they will become just tame enough to come around for food so will release them into the park in the not too distant future. Unfortunately when we opened their carrier door two of them immediately torpedoed through the chain link fence and disappeared. Eleven others were too big to quite fit so hope they will stay put for a week or two.


June 6,2010
Oh. how disappointing. We woke up today to find all the pheasants had escaped. I guess they finally located a space large enough for them. Hopefully we'll start seeing them around our bird feeder but they were pretty wild. Even if we had been better prepared I'm not sure I would have thought to put smaller wire around the kennel.
June 8,2010 A few updated pics of the girls. Cleo is by far the most outgoing of the "flockette" so really hoping she is not a cockerel even though I secretly would love to have a roo.

June 14,2010 This is Cleopatra who flew up to the top of her brooder and onto my knee for a visit a few days ago before she was even 3 weeks old. Then when I had put her back and was holding her bf Big Bird, she flew up and perched on the edge of the cardboard then onto my knee and back onto the edge and into the brooder. Her sisters must be in awe!

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Zippy and Cleo at 3 weeks old[/FONT]
Willow can't visit the real chicks but her toy one sounds a lot like them. I glanced down from the computer and she was sleeping with this one between her paws. I'm pretty sure the real chicks wouldn't fare so well.