M To The Maxx's Farm
I have been a chicken farmer for about 3 years and i love my chickens. They are funny, great layers, and great crowers. I have a wide variety of chickens. I have 1 unknown cross breed hen, 1 Black Ameraucana hen, 2 BR hens, 2 RIR hens, 5 EE hens, 1 GSL hen, 1 BCW Polish hen, 1 Production Red hen, 1 Barred EE hen, 1 Barred Buff Orp hen, 1 BR cross Roo, 1 BR cross/unknown breed cross roo, and 2 Crossbreed juveniles. My chickens are the best!!!

This is Comet my EE rooster. (Deceased)

This is Cookie my EE hen. (Deceased)

This is omelet my Red cochin frizzle. (Deceased)

This is Bella (right) my partridge silkie hen (Deceased) and Puff (left) my Black Crested White Polish hen.

This is Dominic my partridge silkie rooster. (Deceased)

This is Spooky one of my Barred Rocks. (Deceased)

This is Angel one of our RIR.

This is Pebbles our other RIR.

This is Thunder our old english game rooster. (Deceased)

This is Scratch our Silver laced polish rooster. He just started crowing at 3 months old. (Deceased)

This is Dixie. I am not sure what breed she is. But I know she is a cross.

This is Tootsie one of my Easter Eggers. (Deceased) And behind her is one of my Golden Sex Links. Her name is Star.

This is Lilly one of my Production Red hen. (Deceased)

This is Shadow. She is my Production Red hen.

This is B.J. (Bucky JR.) my BR cross/unknown breed cross breed roo.

This is Penny our BR cross/Black Ameraucana cross hen.

This is our EE roo Phoenix.

This is my Barred Rock cross roo Bucky (deceased).

This is Midnight my Black Ameraucana hen.

This is Buffy my Buff Orpington hen (deceased)

This is Doodle my EE hen.
No pic available of my BR hen Avery (deceased).

This is Lacey my Buff Laced Polish hen (deceased).

This is Onyx my Black Copper Maran hen (deceased).

This is Maggie my BR/EE cross hen.

This is our Barred EE hen Oreo.

My BR hen named Aspen.

My Barred Buff Orp hen named Taffy.

This is Thunder my BR cross roo.