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Hello Chicken Lovers,
These are my beloved chickens :) I love to be with them all the time and hope to soon have more. Here they are:
This is Louie, my fancy Red Cochin. He is very protective over his hens, just like any rooster should be. He is the only remaining chicken from the first clutch of chicks I ever got, January 2009. This is Louie (right) and his recently sold son (left).
This is Tiny. She is the oldest hen. She is a beautiful, curious Red Sex Link that gives me one perfect egg most everyday. I can't say she's the sweetest hen, but she sure is great! Here is a good picture of her trying to figure what this object taking her picture is:
This is Cory Roosevelt (A.K.A. Cory Rose). He is a beautiful, shy Black Cochin/White Japanese cockerel. He hasn't started up with the hens, for he knows that Louie's the boss, but he does a great job minding his own business and doing all that he needs to do. Here is a recent picture of him:
Lastly, are the five Buff Orpington girls. They have no names, because, sadly, they may turn out to be on the dinner table once they've produced and reproduced; givin' us both eggs and chicks. They are pretty little girls, and they all look exactly alike! Here is a very recent picture of one of them:
Soon enough Cory Rose will have to be sold, and Louie, if he can't be kind to a Buff Orpington rooster that we're getting for free in the Fall, may be gone by next year as well. We are hoping to sell Louie to a kind home that is looking for a sweet pet rooster, but I cannot decide how they will use him. I hope they both find a good home, and I hope that our Buff Orpington rooster will be just right for us.
I hope you liked my chickens, and please PM me if my page seems outdated or you have any kind of question.
Proverbs 30:29-31 (NIV)
There are three things that are stately in their stride, four that move with stately bearing: a lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing; a he-goat, a king with his army around him, and a strutting rooster.

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