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  1. LoveChickens123
    The flock
    Hi there well our flock has 12 members. I know that dose that not sound like a lot to you but it is just right for me thou.
    Well we started with 7 hen and 1 rooster but after a year we had a hen attacked by a hawk and one died for no reason. It made me so sad but we still had the other 6. And here they are.:


    The top one is Petey our rooster.
    And the bottom one is his girls.
    Well after a couple months of consideration I decided that i want some chicks for my birthday in march! (This year)
    After we found out what kind the feed store had I wanted 3 Easter Eggers and 3 Barred Rock.
    Well for an early birthday present I got out of school early and we went to the farm center and got my chicks!
    Well after I got them i ended up with 4 Easter Eggers and 2 Barred Rock. Well that was okay. I was just happy i got some chicks.
    Here they were 5 months ago.:

    They were cute as pie! Then they started to grow up. So we built them a pen and this is what is looks like.:
    They loved it in there is was so nice I even wanted to be in there! Then they grew up some more and ended up looking like this.:


    I read on BYC (BackYardChickens) that Easter Eggers Love heights I found that out by this.:[​IMG]
    That is my rooster Red I named him that because he has a lot of red in him.
    And this is my favorite picture of Red the rooster.:

    Also one of our hen started laying she lays blue eggs!

    My other hen loves trees too see.:
    Well that was the story on my flock I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. LoveChickens123
    thank you Whittni
  2. Whittni
  3. LoveChickens123
    thank you so much sunnyskyfarm!
  4. SunnySkyFarm
    Nice flock! Thanks for sharing. Your rooster is pretty.
  5. LoveChickens123
    Please have a look thank you!

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