My Chickens! (Well, some of them)

By Chickensfan · May 17, 2017 · ·
  1. Chickensfan
    Here I am going to tell you guys about 2 of my hens, Blossom and Little Red.
    First is Blossom, 20160907_185757.jpg DSCN0072.JPG DSCN0091.JPG DSCN1113.JPG DSCN1114.JPG

    This is my white bresse hen, Blossom.
    She is by far my most human-friendly chicken, and is great with children! She will eat out of your hand, run to you when you open your arms, and let you pick her up. She loves strawberries!
    The one issue she has is that she has very sensitive feet. She manages to get little cuts and scrapes on them a lot. I spray her with blu-kote every time!
    Next is Little Red,
    DSCN1079.JPG DSCN1081.JPG DSCN1083.JPG
    This is my buckeye hen, Little Red.
    Little Red is a cooky, sassy, and cute hen. She has a very energetic nature, unlike Blossom.
    She loves to eat nuts (she goes "nuts" for them!), and is overall a very friendly hen. She will eat out of your hand (in fact, sometimes she is only willing to eat out of your hand), and loves her hen friends!

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  1. Chickensfan
    Recently Blossom passed sad!
  2. Chickensfan
    Oh! Sandals for the hen! I get it now!
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  3. Whittni
  4. Texas Kiki
    Nice looking girls!
    Ever seen those chicken sandals?;)
    1. Chickensfan
      Thank you!
      What are chicken sandals?
    2. Texas Kiki
      Sorry..I was making a joke.
      meaning you should maybe buy her some shoes since she likes to hurt her feet all the time.
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    3. Whittni
      I think she meant for you to put shoes/sandals on your white hen because of her sensitive feet.
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  5. Chickensfan
    I hope you guys like this article!

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