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Hi everyone! This post is a long time coming.

When we first got chickens we went through about 3 prefab coops over the course of 5/6 or so years. Each one had to be replaced after only a year or two and we wasted hundreds of dollars. So, in 2018 we decided to invest in a solid coop that will last for years to come. We got our custom built coop for just over $1000. Both the humans and the hens love it! Truly a great investment. I can try and find the builder's info if anyone is interested. We just knew we would not be able to find time to make the coop ourselves.

We kept our last prefab coop to use as a brooder/isolation coop when needed. So that's the little coop you'll see in some of the pictures. Here is the way we currently have them laid out in the space:
from side - out.jpg

Keep in mind this photo is pre-cleaning! The touching runs will allow for the few day old chicks (who are going outside on Wednesday!) to see and be seen by the hens so that the flock integration process goes smoother! We will be using a MHP modeled after @Blooie 's. Let me know if I should also post some pics from inside the small coop..

I spent about 8 hours today clearing out our chicken coop, which was long overdue! Quick rundown on our coop: It is 6ft wide and 10ft long. Contains 3 roosting bars, latching 6 nesting boxes that are accessible from outside, a second human-sized door inside that makes the main coop, and a 6x3(4?)- (need to measure) foot run that is connected and everything is fully predator-proofed. Pictures will help to visualize.

inside door .jpg

Door inside, picture from duration of cleaning process. This door usually stays open at night in the summer as we don't have much of a predator problem(main coop door is always latched shut at night.) During the winter we close it to keep more warmth in for the hens. We keep the nesting boxes latched open on hotter days to help with ventilation.

Though it was grueling and pretty gross at times, I feel much better about going in there now that its clean and I know the hens are happy too! Here's a quick after shot with the hens exploring their fresh coop:

chickens inside coop front.jpg

Here is a snap from inside of the coop from one of the side nesting boxes:
inside coop.jpg

Later this week, I plan to paint the exterior to give it a full makeover! It has green roofing, so I'm thinking a light grey for the main color and can't think of a good color for the trim.. green also? Blue? Leave a suggestion below!

To try and show a good comparison, here is a before and after from roughly the same spot.. (EW!) :

fully before.jpg
clean door and walls.jpg

Some of my silly chickens like to fly all the way up to the top and sleep up there at night, as you can see in the first pic.

Scrubbed poop off the inside door and walls with a mix of water, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of baking soda. Didn't over-saturate the wood, but gave the gunk a good scrub and it came right off. Made sure to do it on a warm day so it can dry well. ACV really helped with smell, too! Some of the stains would not come off..

We decided to take out the food storage(Big metal bins) outside the coop, to the side. I will take a picture to upload once its a bit more put together. Instead of a feeder on the ground, I decided to put our old hanging feeder back up. I also like to leave oyster shells out in this area as well.
Here it is cleaned:
food and water .jpg

Once I can get this coop painted I think it will all come together and look really good! I will be posting updates.

UPDATE 5/14/20:
Got the coop painted yesterday! Still need to do some touch ups this weekend but here are some pics!

From the back of the coop/entrance to chicken area

Side of the coop

Front of coop and entry

Inside of coop and second door!

I am painting a little mural above the main door of the coop this weekend and will post pictures when it’s done!
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