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  1. The Burrow

    The Burrow

    I'd love to highlight my very first coop- The Burrow! This will be a long, picture heavy article. The Burrow was inspired by the Wichita Cabin Coop and the Chick Inn. Photos of the rough plans are posted at the bottom of the article in case it helps anyone! First, a VERY cautionary tale, and...
  2. Chicken Cabin

    Chicken Cabin

    This will be a photo journal, rather than a how-to. We made up the design based on a mishmash of coops on this forum. The main inspiration was The Colorado Coop but we wanted to make it bigger (and so needed to access the inside) and have an attached run. But we loved her ventilation system and...
  3. The making of The Clucking Cabana

    The making of The Clucking Cabana

    The Making of The Clucking Cabana... It took us 8 months of chicken tending to realize we needed to build our girls their dream coop! We started our journey with the basic tractor supply coop. The only good thing to come from the TS coop was how quickly it taught us what we wanted & needed in...
  4. My Coop

    My Coop

    Hi everyone! This post is a long time coming. When we first got chickens we went through about 3 prefab coops over the course of 5/6 or so years. Each one had to be replaced after only a year or two and we wasted hundreds of dollars. So, in 2018 we decided to invest in a solid coop that will...
  5. Northern Ontario build

    Northern Ontario build

    We decided to build this style of coop after viewing many different designs here on BYC. We selected this style due to the ease of adding insulation in the winter, the outside framing is an excellent support. When installed the coops will feature 2 radiant heat panels, one across from laying...
  6. PA Suburban Chicken Coop

    PA Suburban Chicken Coop

    I am completely new to chickens and after discovering BYC and looking through literally hundreds of coops, I pulled together a design that I hope will work well for my ladies. I started out with 5 day old pullets (Mildred, Mabel, Ethel, Lupé, and Harriet) about 5 weeks ago, and I’m obsessed...
  7. Play Structure to Chicken Coop Conversion

    Play Structure to Chicken Coop Conversion

    The former homeowners left this jungle gym since their kids no longer use it. My wife and I decided we needed to sell it to make room for a pergola or a gazebo as this sits right behind the pool and we thought it would be a good place for a lounge area. INSPIRATION struck when my wife said...
  8. A Grade Eh Canadian Woods Coop

    A Grade Eh Canadian Woods Coop

    I had thought about getting some backyard chickens for my acreage a few years ago and then for whatever reason decided that I didn't want the hassle, especially in the winter. Then this spring the idea crept back into my little head and I decided that I wanted to have a little flock of about a...
  9. chickentrunks

    Collapsible Coop

    Hello all, I'm in the process of building my first coop. I've had waaaaay too much time to think about it! My main areas of concern are cleanliness related - I don't want bugs/mites/lice to be able to get much of a foothold if possible. I'm starting out with 12 Dark Cornish children, looks like...
  10. Almost finished with my first coop.

    Almost finished with my first coop.

    Thinkso I made a 4x4 base with center brace. Used 2" screws and countersink bit. Screw 1x4s from the old playhouse and pallet planks to like the floor. Used 2x4 in each corner to make 4 ft tall, made a frame around the top of that. Took the planks off the old roof and cut a sheet of plywood in...
  11. BigATC

    Chicks in hand... coop in progress!

    3 days old. Had a quick build type kit for a 7x8 shed so decided to just modify it to fit my needs, I hope! Use some left over stuff from my shop build so that helped. Still needs paint and working on the run. Automatic (timer) pop door using solar to charge the battery. Adding more roost...
  12. Bertadel

    cottage coop

    I wanted to share the coop my husband made for us. It is almost complete. The coop is 5’ X 8’ with a 3-foot porch. The run is 8 x12 with a roof. It has an automatic chicken door between the coop and run. We still need to make nesting boxes, flooring for the porch and some pretty landscaping. I...
  13. Barn Style Coop With Tractor Features

    Barn Style Coop With Tractor Features

    This is a short article listing the attributes of the barn style coop I built from scratch. I'm sorry I misplaced the plans for this build but the basic idea is fairly simple. I got the basic idea from some posts on here and some internet searching. The Coop: Barn Style Coop by pragmatist712...
  14. Craftsman Coop

    Craftsman Coop

    April 29, 2018: Construction of my very first coop is underway! I'm about 3 weeks into the project now. A combination of weather (it's been VERY rainy), faulty equipment (our backhoe needed a replacement part and that delayed progress on our foundation), and needy children made for a pretty slow...
  15. Eggcelsior Hotel.

    Eggcelsior Hotel.

  16. Little Richard's Palace of Love

    Little Richard's Palace of Love

    We recently bought a house, and after several years, and lots of chickens, I had to make some big decisions about our flock. Ultimately, since we were going to have far less land, I decided to was time to downgrade our flock from 25 to 6 chickens. Our neighbors bought the majority of the flock...
  17. Parks2peaks

    Chattaroy Chicken Coop

    Hello everyone I wanted to share some pictures of our coop and some of the process of building it. First off a huge thank you to The Witchita Cabin Coop. After a quick scan of this site you will notice a ton of people have been helped out by this coop. Please check it out if you haven’t yet. A...
  18. The Chick Inn

    The Chick Inn

    Design Since my wife and I moved into our fixer home we knew we wanted chickens but building a chicken coop ended up a ways down the initial priority list of projects. As far as a coop design, I had a general idea of what I wanted out of a coop but it wasn’t until I found
  19. The Chicken Coop D'État!

    The Chicken Coop D'État!

    How Chickens Conquered This Backyard The method of the chicken infiltration was simple, patient, and very effective. They had a powerful ally in my wife who argued convincingly, "I want chickens." And thus began the year long attrition of this backyard to the commandeering force of backyard...
  20. Medium Portable Chicken Coop

    Medium Portable Chicken Coop

    My husband is going to collaborate with this article since he's the one who built it. All I did was show him pictures of coops I liked and tell him how big, how many, what and where when he asked. I'll include a materials price list (what I remember) at the end, but the costs will be different...
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