We started this journey as a way to become more food self sufficient . This has been such a busy spring that has presented with a huge learning curve . We had both been around chickens when we were younger but their upkeep etc was all new. We have built 2 coops , our main coop which is 8x8 that currently has orpingtons & brahmas, second coop is 4x8 for my buff brahmas. Come fall the main coop will have just the orpingtons. All of our chickens have been raised from chicks. We have scoured all the pages here on byc for how to do this from making a brooder from a large oval galvanized tub with the lights. That thing has come in so handy. One thing that has been so important that I have learned is about quarantining new ones, although I think at this point I will maintain a closed flock there is so many scary things out there. Along with building 2 coops this spring we also built 2 cold frames , planted a huge garden. The canning & preserving we got a handle on last year. Our small 3.5 acre farm I think will eventually get us to where we need to be. Here is a couple of pics of our main coop
this is the front of the coop
egg delivery side of coop .We have since done some decorative touches but it still a work in progress as far as decor. Our 2nd coop we made from pallets & it turned out quite well but that is my opinion. We are still working on decor with both, primary construction has been the most important part.

The run for 2nd coop has not had pics done yet but we used a dog run & put a cover over it . I have gathered alot of materials for both coops from suggestions from many members on here so construction cost has been much less than we had originally estimated. Thanks all who have been imaginative in your construction. To date we have about $750.00 in both coops & runs including cost of chickens , total number is 40 .