The millies, all of which have won 1st place in more than one show. The rooster ALWAYS won (2008-2010):
My rooster, Tennessee.
The trio of hens, Georgie, Cinnamon & Annie.

Need to add Tennesseebee (cockeral) and the Texas millies photos:

(ignore the roo, only the hens stayed)

The Self-Blues, aka Lavender, are a work in progress (as of March '11). Good photos posted soon (this is the roo).

Here are some of the project gals (half mf, half lav), with a project roo. The project roo created a variety of babes, only one of which was lavender. He has since been replaced by the lavender male above. (They are quite young in his pic, and have since grown and started laying I really need to get some new photos...)

Blue babies hatched last fall 2009 & 2010.

Photos of my GoldNeck d'Uccles to be updated shortly:
Show pullet:

Babies hatched Feb 2010. Butterscotch & Lavender in the front, Millies in the back.

Babies hatched Feb 2011. Two millies and some babies from the lavender project (3 black, 2 surprises)

Black d'Uccles:

Some of the white d'Uccles: