Here is the story of our peeps.
First ,we decided on the type of enclosure we wanted. DH didn't really want a permanent structure, so we agreed on a tractor with free range time for the peeps each evening to let them stretch their legs & wings.
After we decided on the living space, we ordered our peeps from MyPetChicken. I decided on 2 Buffs, for personality and egg color. Then 2 Americaunas for hardiness and egg color. And then 2 Silkies as pets for the kids. A black one for K and a blue for C. When our order arrived, though, there was an extra black Silkie! They arrived April 24, 2007.

It was love at first site for the whole family, cats included! Nobody wanted to eat the babies, just investigate. Justsniffing4-24.jpg
We've watched them grow up, taking pictures at every stage. We e-mailed those pics to friends and family. And discovered that many people didn't realize that there were different breeds of chickens. Or that you could get eggs without a rooster. And that eggs come in different colors. And a great many other bits of chicken lore. So it's been an educational experience for many people.