My EE Roo, Cake

  1. Book Em Danno25
    This is my Easter Egger Roo, Cake Alexander Miller. He is a very big boy that likes anything that has to do with food, whether its apples, to insects. He likes chasing grasshoppers all over the yard. Even sometimes he comes near the peacocks and starts showing off to them and getting aggressive. It is a pleasure to watch. Cake lives with my two turkey hens, Tom and Buddy. (Don't ask about tom's name. )

    I acquired Cake about 9 months ago. I got him from a neighbor of mine, who had at the time a cow, 3 goats, and about 60 chickens, with more hatching. He had become too aggressive with the females (if ya know what i mean.) and all of the hens had bare backs. So, he was on top, the big man, and when i brought him to my place, the poor guy was a lonely one. Hopefully I will be getting some hens, other than the turkeys, to keep him company.

    I hope you took the time to read this and find out a little more about Cake. He is a big, baby boy. if you have any questions or just want to know more about him, PM me, or check out Turkenstein25's Awesome Chat Thread!!!


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  1. Lilorp14
    he is sooooo beautiful. why did you name him cake?
  2. mymilliefleur
    Very handsome roo. looks like my amiracouna rooster Partyboy.
  3. ChickyChickens
    He looks similar to my brothers!
  4. chickenneighbor
    He's quite a handsome dude!

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